www.pch.com/urgent – PCH Urgent Activation Code

www.pch.com/urgent – Activation Code. How to Activate PCH Code and Get Chances to Win Big Prizes. There are times when no one likes checking their mail. When it is time for bills to come in, it sometimes makes sense to pick up your mail some other day.

pch/urgent postcard

pch.com/urgent Activation Code

Why have that attitude, though, when you never know when a surprise might be waiting in your mailbox? One of the best surprise pieces of mail to get is from Publishers Clearing House or PCH. Check Your Mail For PCH Postcard! Learn here how to activate PCH code for PCH Urgent so you can take that piece of mail and use it to enter to win some really big prizes. No purchase or special fee necessary (you don’t have to buy products to enter). You will most likely get a postcard from PCH that tells you that you are holding time- sensitive mail. You only get so much time to enter your code so you will want to know how to activate PCH code online even before you get this postcard from Publishers Clearing House.

There are lots of cash prizes available to winners in this Fast-50 sweepstakes. You can recognize the postcard is from PCH because it will have the official logo on it with the address of the company underneath it.

Follow my instructions above and copy www.pch.com/urgent from your Postcard into the URL/address window on your computer page, click ENTER and take it from there.

Usually it is white, and also displays the website (see above picture). You will notice that there is printing on the front and reverse of the car. Check the back of the postcard. That is where you will see the activation code. It is five digits long.

pch/urgent activation code

www.pch.com/urgent How to?

This is all that you need to go online and enter the sweepstakes. Get to your computer and type in pch.com/urgent. You can also find it by visiting the main pch.com website if you want to browse around and see what else is new there. When your are at the Act Now page, you will see a box that indicates for you to enter-code-here. Put the five digits in there and hit the submit button at pch/urgent.

You should have a pop-up come up next. Don’t worry, you just need to fill out a few more details and you are done. If you have questions, you can get them answered from PCH directly. Good luck and remember to only put your five-digit Activation Code in the box on the Act Now page.

So go check your mailbox, grab that Postcard and follow my instructions above. (When you do, something else happens: you’ll also activate an entry for our tremendous WIN $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event!

pch.com/ urgent – If you get your PCH card in the mail do not hold on to it or toss it out. Get to your computer and enter your code in the enter code box fast so you can get a chance to win prizes.

Claim Now – Activation Code

By visiting http://www.pch.com/urgent


376 Responses to “www.pch.com/urgent – PCH Urgent Activation Code”

  1. Linda Knapp says:

    My activation code:PC664. Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thank you.

  2. Jacqueline Cantrell says:

    Cannot enter code because on box to do it.

  3. Larry Cheatham says:

    Please activate my code to full eligibility please accept my entry I am using my VIP I am also a little stressed I like to claim full ownership all my numbers associated with my name on the you the winner selection list

  4. Larry Cheatham says:

    Please activate my code to full eligibility please accept my entry I am using my VIP I am also a little stressed I like to claim full ownership all my numbers associated with my name to be locked inside PCH is generated number from their Mainframe I claim full sole ownership thank you Publishers Clearing House

  5. Walter E Hall says:

    Code 0000

  6. mark edward coke jr says:

    I would like to register my prize no. And entries for gwys 8800 since 2016

  7. Sherry Evans says:

    I’m trying to activate my code which is pc580 for PCH 8800

  8. Patricia G. Martin says:

    No box to input activation code. Code is PC690.

  9. Patricia G. Martin says:

    Will not accept my code PC***,

  10. Patricia G. Martin says:

    Not sure what “website” is requesting. www pch.com/urgent

  11. Patricia G. Martin says:

    Not sure what is required for website. Phone: 504 4**-*** . pch/urgent

  12. Patricia G. Martin says:

    Cannot enter activation code. Code is PC6**. Thank you!

  13. Linda Fuse says:

    How do u find the code

  14. Jesus Macias says:


  15. Jesus Macias says:

    Activate prize number U5304********

  16. Jesus Macias says:

    Activate label AV6** and prize number U530494******

  17. Jesus Macias says:

    Activate label AV6** + LP9** and prize number U5304********

  18. vernon chambers says:

    Will not let me enter my code number which is pc691

  19. vernon chambers says:

    can not enter my code which is pc691. site will not respond.

  20. su says:

    could not enter code pc6** is this a scam oh what was I thinking if it was you wouldn’t say anyway, www pch.com/urgent su

  21. Sarah Flemming says:

    My activation code is 00000

  22. delores wilke says:

    please i need help i cannot get my codes in i have tried PRO38* PC382 8800 P0U:1** W-7* number 935*****4 and 101****0 have so many not sure which one is right because o could not get them in please help pretty please pch/urgent

  23. Fred Haut says:

    PCH this is urgent I need activation codes on all of my entries I am in trees everywhere you would know best of what I have and where I have it I need to take notes please give me activation I really really want to win I’m your number one super fan remember

  24. Emmy E. says:

    Publisher clearing house prize patrol activation code is pc360

  25. Emmy E. says:

    Pch prize number 674742700614 pch 4371814499 o h id 4492636385 pch id p9402 pch entry number 664532727018 pch giveaway 8800

  26. Travis wharton says:

    Www pch.com/act now PC663 -#10328-G0115-‍PCH.com I’m in it to win it.021–67*443601. I feel like Charlie and the chocolate factory. I got A golden ticket golden ticket. 8035/6900/8800/4900/I’m in it to win it. See u soon Travis

  27. Roy Appel says:

    Roy, our records show you are to become the SOLE OWNER of a forthcoming Prize Number, making you fully eligible to be selected our winner of a
    Lifetime Prize from this Notice on October 13th as soon as you claim ownership of said number. Don’t delay — claim it immediately. CLAIM OWNERSHIP PLease ISSUE MY CODE NUMBER ETC> THANK YOU DEBORAH HOLLAND..hat’s why you are strongly urged to enter and claim ownership of your number by the 9/3O/17 11:59 PM, ET deadline. With our October 13th special early look event right around the corner, our winner selection process is almost complete. Claim it now — it could be the most important number you have ever entered in your life. ROY APPEL WANTS TO WIN PLEASE DIRECT ME IN PCH SYSTEM

  28. Fekeshia Carter says:


    need activation code and customer ID code
    PCH gwy8035

  29. Monica King says:

    I have been with this company for several years bought several hundred dollars in merchandise play the games daily have never won anything yet alway get encouragement to buy telling me i will win never got an activation code I will like
    to get the activation code for $1000 A Day for Life Sweepstakes Gwy#8800 Check my record and you see how hard I was playing and how many promises was made to me

  30. Michelle Ezell Benning says:

    I found my code but where do I add it at???

  31. Tamara Sanders says:

    Code 355

  32. robert gehm says:

    don’t know where to enter codes, I entered them above.

  33. William Conover says:

    I cannot find where’s to put my activation code

  34. Delores Wilke says:

    would like to enter my code to win 1,200.00a day for life it is PRO382 or PC382 would like a number on the winners selection list thank you

  35. Cynthia Waltz says:

    My Activation Code: PC693

  36. Alma bouyer says:

    I can’t active my code:pc690 on your website. .www.pch.com/urgent

  37. Delores Wilke says:

    want to activateand win 1,000.00 upgrated t0 1,200.00 a day for life From GWY 8800 on October 13 th my card numbers are 93586183584 and POU:300 thank you

  38. Betty S Powell says:

    Trying to enter my activation code: PC693

  39. PM Courchene says:

    my ac pc690 consider thhis an entry, your website doesn’t work. Readall above messages.

  40. Larry Vanhoose says:

    Uable to activate code PC690

  41. Dwane Manwiller says:

    I am unable to enter my activation code which is PC690

    I am ready to win it big and it is needed to help other family members as well as myself.

  42. Omar lopez says:


  43. Patricia Curran says:

    I claim pch 1,000 a day for life and 1 million to claim and enter and win. I also claim and enter to win 5,000 a month forever lump sum with postcard number PC663. I am claiming my prize number for win all and am entering to win all. Good luck

  44. carol goble says:


  45. carol goble says:

    need the money for bills

  46. Doris Hauver says:

    Just like all the other 227 comments before me I to can not find the enter tab to enter my activation Code: PC705. Please respond this is a big deal!!!. This is my official notice to you that I hold
    activation code: PC705.

  47. Terry Dorwart says:

    My Code PC693

  48. Ken Merrell says:

    Pch Respond now and activate my entry pc370 of provo Ut Ken Merrell entry 8800

  49. Terry Dorwart says:


  50. gilbert chavez says:

    The box wont work where you enter the letters

  51. Debra S Martin says:

    Activation Code:PC713

  52. Margaret Gillis says:

    I never found Act Now. So—— I’m giving you my Code here. ( PC690). I spent an hour following your directions and couldn’t find any of the things you asked us to.

  53. Patricia Curran says:

    My activation code is PC663. I am claiming to enter my activation code for 1,000 a day for life. I will enter for ownership of the prize on Oct 13th. Thanks GPS for the opportunity for us to win. Good luck to everyone

  54. Phil Guyle says:

    I want to win Please

  55. Phil Guyle says:

    I hope that where this go and love to be a winer too.please accept my code Your Friend Phil G. pch my I.D.#02364615407 my Activation Code:PC693

  56. Jacqueline AramayoI says:

    PCH please activate five entries to Transfer Authorización of Title a my name Jacqueline Aramayo a New Brand Car Lincoln MKZ valued at $49.029.00 from PCH Gwy 8187 on October 13th PCH Special Early Look Event, Thanks for the opportunity to win a car

  57. Kelly Neace says:

    Well I found where it says to put your activation code but it wont let me enter it there. So I’m hoping by doing this u will get my code is here(PC693).

  58. Mary says:

    activation code # PC690 Only place I could find to input it.

  59. REne c, Lopez says:

    it won’t let me place my code PC7**

  60. Rufina Snider says:

    what i meant is i don’t know where to put my urgent activation code because i’m lost – pch.com/urgent Act Now

  61. Rufina Snider says:

    I don’t where to put my activation code.

  62. Rufina Snider says:

    This is my activation code: PC712

  63. Sherry Vaughn says:

    I can’t enter PC 693 activation code

  64. Janice Kemmerer says:


  65. Barry James says:

    I tried for over half an hour to enter my code all I did was go around in circles. Finally gave up


    I’m trynn A to get my activation code for gwy 8800 I can’t seem to find it anywhere where do we look

  67. Delores Wilke says:

    would like to enter and activate and win 1,000.00 a day for life 93586183584 POU:300 from GWY 8800 and also GWY 9030 on October 13th

  68. Robert Scharnhorst says:

    How do I get my code. Jumping thru all these hoops is rediculas

  69. Virginia Moignard says:

    I would love to win $1,000.00 a day for life. This would help us so much.

  70. Jennifer nieves says:

    I want to win on August 31st 2017 the pch 15,000,000.00 so much..this would mean everything to me n my 2boys..please let me win this

  71. Greg Bartosik says:


  72. Greg Bartosik says:

    activation code PC830 I am submitting it, this is the only place I can find

  73. Esther Eaton says:

    Been trying to put in my activation code and can’t. My code is PC830

  74. Chesnel Delva says:

    I want to win my code is pc436

  75. Tamara Sanders says:

    Activation required please

  76. Tamara Sanders says:

    Claiming my activation code for the August 31 super prize for the 15 million dollars and activate my winning number for the August 31 super prize money

  77. Delores Wilke says:

    Have tried and tried to get my number on theprize draw registration and it just does not go please what can i do want a number on the winners selection list so badly have a Lotto number also l03501

  78. Carlos Limas says:

    can you please activate my code 238 to 252 8800 8035 August 31st

  79. Carlos Limas says:

    please activate my claim number giveaway 8800 15-minute super prize and also my other claim numbers giveaway numbers August 31st

  80. Carlos Limas says:

    Please activate all mine PCH giveaway numbers 8800 August 31st

  81. Jesus Macias says:

    Yes claim and confirm my super prize number 4900 I Jesus Macias confirm My Prize Title: ID # 00101-382

  82. Carol Gerioux-Lowry says:

    Activation code 580. I’ve tried the majority of this day attempting to play the two sets of games required to complete the final step. I’ve completed the final step 3 times on ‘Saturday and one time today. I pray this will be the final one. I am ready for the big one. This day has been as if a crazy person was let lose from the looney bin. But, I will get through it, and the neighbors can go to where looney people go. Carol Gerioux Lowry. By the way, reading this page was an assignment. Lotto cannot keep games going as required,,so I read this page.

  83. Darcel Zuller says:

    I’m claiming the pch to win it all sweepstakes plus unique prize gwy. 8800, plus much more gwys, 8802, 8184, 8186, 8187, 8055, 8035, 6650, 9213,. And , 10010, 10012, 10324, I Darcel Zuller Vip gwy 6900, 7454 2197 0312, I will see you soon , my new phone will be here Monday so I might be slow getting .

  84. Nicholas Smith says:

    I won the 15 millon Summer prize event Nicholas Smith my code is for activation 00000 PCH71

  85. Sandy Morgan says:

    I tried and tried, and tried but the place for the code does not work. Is this so that you can get emails?
    I really wish it would work because winning is always good when you have lots of family members. My code is PC664 from the W716 notice.

  86. Teresa MacClelland says:

    I would like to please activate my activation prize number and enter to win #8800 i want to win the summer prize event!

  87. Jackie Davis says:

    I cant enter my Activision code i dont. Have it

  88. Jackie Davis says:

    I real wont to win $15 million i could do so much with that money help my family and go on vacashion. Buy a nice house get a hering aid get my teeth fixt get denchers id love it pay my bills off i realy wont to win Bad

  89. Christina King says:

    I Christina King, claim to be the right full owner of the act now code from pch and accept my code number.I claim to be the right full owner of SuperPrize number 8800. I Christina King claim to be the right full owner of all.I accept all money’s That’s mine From pch.15 million thank you pch & PrizePatrol.

  90. Imogene hinkle says:

    Will not let me enter. PC441

  91. Delores Wilke says:

    would like very much for you to enter my code have not been able to get it to take its PR382 please would really appreciate it thank you

  92. Barb Williams says:

    Hi, Ive tried to enter for the form W714. I cant seem to get it. Can you activate my number please PC440. Thank you

  93. Ramon Guevara says:

    I cant enter my code. My code is PC438

  94. Linda Schefka says:

    I can not enter my activation code for some reason. Got postcard on 8-12-2017 and am trying to do the same day I got it in the mail. My code is PC441 and I want to win in form W714. Linda Schefka **** **** Road Birch Run, Mi ***** Please enter me because it wont let me. email is ks*******@gmail.com

  95. Gene Lisle says:


  96. Darcel Zuller says:

    I’m claiming the pch to win it all sweepstakes. gwy. 8800and 8802, 8184, 8186, 8187 8035 8055 9213. 3080 I Darcel Zuller Vip gwy 6900, 7545 2179 0312. I’m in hopes to be the sole owner of 15,m plus on 8/31..

  97. Cindy L Bucher says:

    Unable to activate code I want to win please activate code PC436

  98. Darcel Zuller says:

    I forgot gwy 7545 2179 0312.

  99. Darcel Zuller says:

    I’m claiming the pch to win it all sweepstakes gwy 8800, and much more , unique prize gwys, 8802, 8184, 8186, 8187, 8035, 8055, 6650, 9213, 7232, 10010, 10012, 10342, plus, 8/31/17, I would love to see the pch prize patrol .in Akron, Ohio.

  100. Lola E Cardwell says:

    Why isn’t their a place to enter the code ?

  101. Diana Smith says:

    Well, my Activation Code is PC627. I’ve already activated it. Just so you know. You don’t get many PCH activation codes…when you do…you wait for them to contact you…by mail…it should be coming any day now if you haven’t receive it already. Be patient, they’ll get to you. You already have this number anyway!!

  102. Beatrice Walker says:

    Cannot get it to accept my code PC489.Don`t know what else to try.

  103. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please rent in the activation code so that I may be winner of this 15 million dollars

  104. Irina Guseynova says:

    I don’t have a code,what needs to be done to make it pour?Help please ! rah I really want to play and win the PCH GWY 8800.

  105. Larry. Cheatham says:

    Can I please claim lottery numbers for tonight and all lottery cards that I am do the thing is I want to win cash and prizes and even the instant cash from pchlotto. Would like to be in the power prize drawing I would like to have access opportunities to today’s polypod have the ticket the Nikki eligible to change my numbers and also it gives me also access to the multimillion-dollar making jackpot claim numbers for that I would like to you also claim my forthcoming number and it added with my generated number my name and has them all placed in the file

  106. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    Pch my I.D. #02573160963 claim pc402

  107. Jeffrey says:

    Pch my I.D. #02573160963 claim pc439

  108. Jeffrey says:

    I.D. 02573160963 I claim pc519 for $15,000,000.00 . I am claiming Pc439 for $5,000.00 AWFL.

  109. Jeffrey says:

    I claim pc542

  110. Jeffrey says:

    Pch I claim pc319

  111. Evelyn Cutruzzula says:

    Please I would love to win Publishers Clearing House sweepstake I Evelyn Cutruzzula would like to enter your sweepstake and win I am in it to win it $15,000,000.00 Summer Events win it all claming numbers #8800,#8035,#8186,8187,#8188 my ID is 02037914450 Thank you can you please enter my numbers Please Evelyn Cutruzzula

  112. Evelyn. Cutruzzula says:

    Please can you active my code PC880 and ID # 02037914450 if I am wrong about this can please let me know I am claiming these numbers for all gwy prizes I really pray I got it right because I am going crazy with theee numbers when I get to active my iD# it tells me it invalid and I will keep trying but it keeps saying the same thing over and over please and Thank You

  113. Jeffrey says:

    Pch I claim Pc519

  114. Shea says:

    Good morning everyone. I am from Cincinnati Ohio &my#8800 win it all! So hope my child&me win,be such a blessing! If we don’t, whoever wins this hudge prize congrats:)!! Thank you PCH Team for giving us all Chance’s to win! Thanks for reading good luck to everyone

  115. Ronnie Barela says:

    8B1911PC366413664 code

  116. Ronnie Barela says:

    No 112124114124&WaHALLA
    NO 277061659007
    Thank you god bless …your the best PCH

  117. Michael Mayns says:

    PCH activate my entry code DP0827 &DP0825 prize giveaway

  118. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    I’m claiming my forthcoming prize number so it may be placed on the winning number found report for August 31st 2017 17P30006

  119. Jean Killeen says:

    activation code PC554, how do I get the form for this code?

  120. Emmy E. says:

    Pch seacrh OB1911PCH 3664 code. LP999. 1830 giveaway 173513385116 entering.

  121. Connie Pryor says:

    Need code

  122. Edward Yeck says:

    I **** . @gmail Yeck am claiming ownership of winning. Numbers for pch gwy 8800 tone held in august of 2017. I also want to activate my winning number for gwy 8800 plus a new Lincoln mkz automobile valued $49.000.00..to you pch

  123. Carlos Limas says:

    Please activate my code PC 11791 super prize number +17-312-960-0915 Giveaway number 818 6 8800 802 186 PC number 971 V 8035 thank you so much

  124. William Stevenson says:

    My code for pch gwy 8800 is w-29. ID#38 9935 9010.

  125. RALPH E JOHNSON says:


  126. TerryEBERL Dupeire says:

    Please enter me my activation code PC575. I want to win so bad. I can pay bills build a house and help family members. I can donate to the church and the needed.

  127. Connie Farley says:

    Please how do I enter my activation code?

  128. Christopher Lint says:

    00000 trump is awesome

  129. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    I claim my activation code

  130. Emmy E. says:

    Pch activation90347894 0919 plus 1735 1338 5116 pch winning claim access code entry W60 form 3664 giveaway code PC376 activation no. OB1911pch.com EE382PREV6 plus EE101CSER6

  131. Emmy E. says:

    PCH code of entry 9p34 78940919 plus 1735 1338 5116activation entry publisher clearing house sweepstakes i want to win the big pch check

  132. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim my Activate Code to Win $15,000,000.00 Summer Prize Event! PCH Gwy.No8800. Today 12July2017 RG.

  133. wanda box says:

    win the big summer event 8800 and hope to won the big one so my husband can retired and we can buy our dream home in the country some were in alabama

  134. Evelyn. Cutruzzula says:

    Good morning , to everyone at PCH.COM I am your super prize summer event winner from local area 15137 I would love to see you come to my door and ring my door bell I have never got a post card in the mill I have seen so many number I am confused on witch one is the right one but I am going to claim # 8800 # 8186 # 8187 #8184 #8188 #8038 #11050 and there are a couple more but my granddaughter is up in my bed and I don’t want to wake her up right now but if you need those numbers to I will get them let me know in email please and Thank you all From Publishers Clearing House you are great for changing people life’s you all are great I don’t sit here and enter in different sweepstakes’s because I don’t think they are real and don’t want to get got up in a big mess but IDo Believes In Publishers Clearing House I have for a long time what made me inter this time is my children and making their life’s better before I pass away and for the time I am still on this earth I can have so peace in my life after 51 year that is what I am looking for I have a lot of pain in my heart and money doesn’t change the pain but I would be able to make other people life’s better and give them a chance at life and that where I would find my peace will I have to get started with the games or I will never finish them to day you all have a great day in you new office I wish I know where it is because I am sick but I would try to drive there I really would just to find my peace so with that talk to you all again bye

  135. Ronnda Munshower says:

    Dear PCH, Please activate, register and claim all prize numbers, codes and everything else issued to me (which I also claim) concerning and related to sweepstakes #8800 and the $15,000,000.00 PRIZE OF A LIFETIME. You should receive my ‘Prize Status Report’ which reveals and confirms my ‘Prize Number’ approved for your ‘Winner Selection Process’ I snail-mailed a few days ago. Thank you very much, PCH! Sincerely, Ronnda Munshower

  136. Carolyn Baker says:

    My activation code is PC519….PLEASE ENTER IT….(I see that there are a large number of people with the same code)

  137. Audrey Ethridge says:

    activation code PC580

  138. SHARONETTE says:

    2Corinthians 5: 1 -7 FAITH by sight … sight by FAITH, system of GOD’S. AMEN

  139. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    I want to claim all my gwy numbers and all my activation codes . (“I CLAIM I WANT TO WIN!)

  140. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    I claim GWY NO. 8800 , 8802, 8187, 8188, 8035, 8030, 3080, 6650, 9217, 6900. Plus PC441 PC442 PC516 PC634 PC551 Thank you and may God bless us all

  141. Fred Haut says:

    scrap me early activation code so that I may be winner of the ten million dollars oh how I would love to win this prize

  142. Kuljinder Singh says:

    Pch , I would like to win pch gwy no. 8800 $15000000 ,please send me activation code post card, please, Thank you very much pch.

  143. Darcel Zuller says:

    I’m claiming the pch to win it all sweepstakes plus unique prize along 15 million. 8800., and gwys 8802, 8184, 8186, 8187, 8188, 8035, 8030, 3080, 6650, 9217, and 6900 gwy of Darcel’s I’m taking full ownership of the pch to win it all sweepstakes. I say thank u. and see you soon in Akron Ohio.thanks prize patrol please knock 8/31st

  144. Mary Laliberte says:

    Can’t same to put in my Activation Code # I just hope this not spam because I don’t like to be spam. You people always say that people will win right (NOT,) I never won as long as we always send back. “SO PLEASE don’t send any more PHC and we did these year after year to me its a bunch of Hog Wash, please take my name of your list. Because people can never reach to find out if their won or not. Thank You Mary Laliberte

  145. Tracy gotreaux says:

    My activation code is. Pc551

  146. Belinda Santana says:

    activation codes…..pc516/pc634 would not activate on web page

  147. Mary BIRD Leonatti says:

    ?????///I really don”t know what doing/BUT Google verification code (1743421)???? I NOW NEED PUT DIFFERENT EMIAL ACCOUNT,–THEN MY (EARTHLINK.NET} BUT I do not(HOW}??can you HELP ME? Thank You. Mary Bird

  148. Brenda L RHODES says:

    pch I want to win 7,000.00 aweek forever and for lifetime and here is my activate number code pc 162….thank you pch. …BR

  149. Edgar says:

    I’m ting kent I’m Win afters long time tanks PCH.

  150. Gwen Moncada says:

    PLease enter www pch.com/urgent PC252, 0r pcw71, or pc238 please register me asap to activate, 10M Summer Prize Event. 8800 Thank You Gwem Moncada.

  151. Evelyn Cutruzzula says:

    Hi I am writting because you all have been I do what to win it all because I do desever it and I am in it to when it there would be so many life you would change but thief is so much to tell you but it would take up 5 pages please pick my number you all great God Bless you all number 8800

  152. john miller says:

    my code number is 546788

  153. Nieves Cardenas says:

    Hi, PCH. I NEED and want to win PCH GWY 8800.Thanks for all the opportunities and the clear explanation on how to activate the code. I know that there are million people outside with my same own needs_ some with even more_that’s why I desire us luck and all kinds of blessings. Although( without any kind of selfishness) being honest, I would like to be the lucky one to solve all my family’s problems which are a lot. This journey has been hard, but it is worth. On June 30th, someone will celebrate the big prize, some others will be disappointed. However, all our hearts have been beating together with PCH for a dream to come true and that is great. Thanks ,PCH.❤

  154. William F Quezada says:

    As a slight testimonial of my admiration for my luck. My Acivation Code PC442, Stop avaricia from axis of evil

  155. Connie says:

    I have my postcard but having trouble finding out how enter my activation code???????

  156. Carlos Limas says:

    Please activate my call 880 0 8035 8186 8187 8188 8184

  157. Wanda Thomas says:

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  160. Kay Zinn says:

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  161. Hector Tamayo says:

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    No.112124114124 &WAHALLA

    & Register/claim them on
    PCH $10,000,000 Million SuperPrize Giveaway
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    Reply. Did i win did i win it all

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  166. Mrs.Leslie Stepp says:

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  167. Jeffrey Leonard says:

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    ☆☆Pch I am claiming w-24 + w-25 thank you☆☆

  170. Jennifer Drew-Garcia says:


  171. Jennifer Drew-Garcia says:

    Claim PC445

  172. Fred Haut says:

    Please bring me that urgent and much-needed activation code so that I may win one of these awesome prizes either the two-million-dollar win it all or the $1000000 plus bonus I would love either one

  173. Mary Rose Patruski says:

    I also would like to claim the $10 million gwy $ 4million gwy the $3 million dollar house $1,000,000.00 a year $100,000.00 for life $2, million in it to win it # 8800

  174. Mary Rose Patruski says:

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  175. Lorraine Parker says:

    Tried several times, would not accept my Activation Code PC439….

  176. Fontayne Payton Sr. says:


  177. Fontayne Payton Sr. says:


  178. Dana says:

    Knock knock… winner

  179. Arthur Martinez says:

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  183. paul sotnik says:

    as usual your programmers screwed up will not allow entry of code PC440
    kindly pull your head out



    11:56 PM

  185. Robert R Clark11 says:

    I tried again to enter my code but I couldn t. It is PC 445.I hope this will be enough.

  186. Mario Echeverria says:

    I looking for my prize number I don’t have code or don’t now where it is, can you help me? . ME

  187. Fred Haut says:

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  188. Nancy Shear says:

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  189. Barbara Jones says:

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  190. Heriberto J. Payan says:

    May God bless you, I couldn’t enter PC444, and I forgive you!!

  191. Lisa Marrero says:

    Tried to enter PC443 which is my act code and it kept putting me off. ID number 02383878598 was also on the alert. Guess this isn’t for real. I lisa Marrero claim Giveaway #8800

  192. Sinda farison says:

    Will not allow me to enter my act code. No place to do that?????? My. Activation code number is PC438

  193. Sinda farison says:

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  194. William LaVey says:

    Submitting my Activation Code PC227

  195. William LaVey says:

    Submitting my Activation code # PC227

  196. Julius Coletta says:

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  197. maryann titus says:

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  198. E E DeWitt says:

    There must be a place to enter a code if this is not another scam as in “Last step emails” – so much spam from you guys. too much spam from you guys.

  199. Jeffrey Leonard says:

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    Claim my PCH # W-18 & PCH authorized prize award # [17P18002] & [17LO1802]

  210. Neva Pearsall says:

    I tried to enter my activation code but it wouldn’t allow me to do so. Then I read a lot of the responses on this site and I saw my PC383 Activation Code assigned to several people. I guess that means “so sorry Neva” maybe next time. I’ve been playing since early 1990. My social security check doesn’t allow me to order much, buy I’m consistently a friend.

  211. Vickie says:

    In it to win it all

  212. Lonny Cummings says:

    I’m just trying to come up with my “activation code” for PCH

  213. Anthony Gipson says:

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  214. mary mcclelland says:

    I don’t recall having received an activation code and would like to. thank you for any help you can give me.

  215. Anthony Gipson says:

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  216. Anthony Gipson says:

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  217. Billy Hooper says:

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  218. Jeffrey Leonard says:

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  219. Jeffrey Leonard says:

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  223. janice king says:

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  224. janice king says:

    Been trying to Activate my code for a week. It will not let me put it in my code is PC376. What is going on?

  225. daniel folk says:

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  226. Mary Aguirre says:

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  227. Pamela J. McClure says:

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  228. Pamela J. McClure says:

    Will not accept my activation Code PC376. Am I doing something wrong?

  229. marlene sawyer says:

    I cannot enter my code – PC378

  230. Cathy Deyden says:

    I have not received my activation number in the mail. I really have been working hard every day to win and need this number. thank you. Is there any other way to receive this number so I can be a possible winner?

  231. Charles Sapp says:

    My activation code is PC376

  232. Judy says:

    Went to your Activation Code page, it would not let me enter my Code : PC304

  233. Jeffrey says:

    Dreams do come true.

  234. Mary Jane Ruiz says:


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  242. Sandydawn K Messer says:

    I would like to win the $7,000 a week but never got a code to enter. What should I do?

  243. Cynthia Judge says:

    MT 7:7

  244. Vieddia Jackson says:

    Dear PCH, I made several attempts at trying to enter my code of PC378. It saddens me to say I was unable to enter my code. Dose that mean I wont get a chance at being one of the 50 winners?

  245. Mona Russo says:

    I cannot find my activation code for $7,000.00 a week for life. What I see is 12345678901.

    I do not think that is it! Kindly advise,
    Mona RUSSO

  246. Carolyn Williamson says:

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  247. Billy Hunter says:

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  248. Kashona says:

    I,Kashona Derrow old Gmail was Kashon****Gmail.com it now and has bee, change to s*********Gmail..com I need all account to attach my, number is 979-***- **** call me my accounts got. Hacked

  249. John Hanes says:

    I will love to win PCH $7,000 a Week for Life

  250. glenda sutch says:

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  251. Gilberto Suarez says:

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  252. terry robertson says:

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  253. Karen Popham says:

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  254. Eric davis says:

    I claim #8305 #079420530. #69428910050. #4463509432

  255. Gail Longstreth says:

    My computer will not permit me to enter the Activation Code. Please advise me what to do next. Thank you.

  256. LaVina Wells says:

    What if people having problems receiving as the post office say second class mail. And you sended the pch activation code and the person neither received it. What happen then? And it’s not the person’s fault that neither received it. Please explain, Thank you☺

  257. Timothy Prenger says:

    WHAT Is My PCH Urgent Activation Code???

  258. Tammy Lemle says:

    I find it funny every time I get a code it never excepts it, and I’ve ordered alot over the years and it seems to me every time they say the winning date is all of a sudden we are on a new date of a winner being annouced,I think we just keep getting pushed and pushed!

  259. Tammy Lemle says:

    It will not take my code so here it is PC383

  260. Donna white says:


  261. Karen Popham says:

    It won’t let me put a activation code . I have a give away number 8800. I have been scammed twice. Been doing this for a very longtime. I’m disabled and could really use the money

  262. Edith Wolters says:

    March 8th–Will not allow me to enter my code PC382

  263. Gisele Loudin says:

    Activation code _C399

  264. mike thompson says:


  265. Newt wakeman says:

    Does not accept my activation code

  266. Jennie Elrod says:

    Could not put my code in!!!!! My code is PC402!!!!!!!! Very upset about this!!!! And I have done what you asked!; thanks

  267. penny says:

    I changed my email and try a few times to request a change but no mail arrives from you,

    Please send all new emails to the above address.

    Please contact me via my new email, as I’m with you since 2003!!!



  268. gERRY GARTMAN says:

    says will not let me enter my activation code ; PC382

  269. richard kilton says:

    will not accept my activation code. please let me know why it wont accept. thank you.

  270. doreen Kartinen says:

    I have tried to put my code in for two days now and it is not taking itPC391 is this for real I sure could use this win as I need knee surgery and still need to work I have answered a lot of your opportunity requested over the years ,and really praying for a final win,

  271. Braden Grayson says:

    I claim gwy #8800

  272. Robert Obrien says:

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  280. Kathy Young says:

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  281. ronald kaminski says:

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  282. Kashona says:

    I change emails from kashona******* @ Gmail.com to the new one above my new number is *******-3280 my name is kashona Derrow

  283. Fredrick Howe says:

    I do not get any mail from pch so I have no activation
    codee. What do I do to get one?

  284. Olivia Young says:

    I am not able to input my activation code

  285. Jo Anne Anderson says:

    I followed the instruction and in this little blue and white box it said to enter the activation code, what a joke, it wouldn’t let me put in my activation code PC383, I received this in a yellow envelope.

    It said I have been a good friend of Publishers Clearing House since November 1992, not true, I have been entering your contests since the middle sixties, that’s over fifty years and won nothing.

    I told you all, not to send me anymore sweepstakes, be it by mail or e-mail, but I thought I would try one more time, what a scam.

  286. Darlene Crocker says:

    could not enter my code PC383

  287. Darlene Crocker says:

    It would not let me enter my code PC383

  288. Tylis Mathies says:

    Bless Us All Father I Know You Real Thank U For Your Word Love U Keep Us All In Your Heart The Whole Word As Long As I Know U That’s All That Matters Bless Us For Every As Peace And Respect One Another Know On Know Are Blessing That We But Together I hit the lottery made the rapping game and brought More of Your Children Believe and U Glad I Took Of way there sickness and came more together as a foundation thanks to u My mother bothers sister my kids family and friends we here again and I still just ain’t got close to my kids since 2009 and I know U Got Tee Good And I Still Got Shaq And I a Let cant Let Him Down like lastime and free family and all friends and the world life hard trying to fit your shoes but u keep all faith and trust in u as all way no matter how it look I laugh and try to stay with your blessing of your holly with my dace and from beening in car wrecks in all I came to do wat u asks of me and I’m greatful to receive u as I got there Jesus Christ Who My Lord and Savior As For All My Family And friends and u glad to be in the family and knows that we can’t of made it without u and the lost of pain to whole on and trust you but do have a lil in that but that’s cool it’s getting it all done out the struggle for all family and I ask you to on your time will u complete wat the world need to make freeway to all who can’t leave town as well change in some different making all way for all tell my kids and tee kids we ain’t let them down cause I say that cause they far then other Amen

  289. John Seaborg says:

    unable to activate my code

  290. DOREEN WALKER says:

    Its always worth a try.

  291. Darlene James says:

    will not accept my code of PC382…what do I do?

  292. Mary Phillips says:

    That’s (50) Winners not $50.00.00

  293. Mary Phillips says:

    PCH Search & Win Juliette Tracketto – $50 Winners will be confirmed in just a few days. My failure to respond to this notice and enter in a timely manner for my opportunity to win may result in immediate forfieture of funds from this notice. I will not risk letting this happen! notice. I AM “IN IT TO WIN IT”! #KNOCK KNOCK

  294. Dean Domson says:

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    No.112124114124 &WAHALLA

    & Register/claim them on
    PCH $10,000,000 Million SuperPrize Giveaway
    PCH GWY #8800
    Golden Ticket SuperPrize

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