FamilyDollar – Family Dollar Stores Website – Family Dollar Stores Website. In these times of depressed economies, the challenge for most consumers is how to keep up with shrinking value of the money. The fact the money may have a lesser value than before is even a better side of the coin. For majority of households in developed countries and promising economies such as America, the lack of jobs has just made it even more difficult. The Family Dollar Store Website has made it easier for these low income earners or no steady income families to be able to access consumables in an affordable cost.

The services of the Family Dollar Stores were limited to just over 6,500 stores spread across the USA. It started operation in 1959 and now is available in 44 states. This is was an initiative of one of the youngest entrepreneurs, Leon Levine. Its headquarters is in Mathews, Northern Carolina. The website therefore comes in as a simpler and more effective way of reaching the clientele of the Family Dollar Store Website.

The self-service stores serve those who are classified as low to middle income consumers. While these class of clients would be thought to be poorer and not very profitable, the Family Dollar Store Website – and the stores have proven otherwise. They have been able to join the S&P 500 stock market group and also been listed as among the Fortune 500.

Its popularity is largely due to the affordability and the well-stocked shelves. This makes it a one stop shop for most of the users’ shoppers. These stores also run on extended hours. Other attractions also include the rewards system, available family recipe coupons. The internet now enables easy access to the store location, the prices and stock availability. You can also place orders online thereby increasing the store’s reach to consumers significantly.

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  1. Ricky Riojas says:

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  2. victoria metz says:

    Family dollar is where I shop for my personal home goods and for my business. The prices are fabulous and the products are always different and more choices than the other larger stores. Its faster and more convenient to shop there, I hate standing in long lines and parking 2 blocks away from my car. My car seems to get dented any where I park when I’m at Walmart, and Walmart does not have the selections that Family Dollar has. Love this store immensely. Thank you family Dollar. I do go in the store a lot and if it wasn’t for people and their children coming into the store and messing it up, the store would be clean. I have witnessed this many times. People are PIGS. These store clerks are not your personal maids or baby sitters. These great store clerks have to find the time when stocking products, waiting on customers, answering telephone calls and cleaning up after ignorant people that trash the store. Calling them “POT HEADS” is rude and childish. You know nothing about these people and assume the worst. They are all drug tested and back ground checked before they are even considered to be an employee of that store. Thank you again Family Dollar!

  3. teresa duran says:

    I like shopping your store. There have been so many store closings, I find it hard to find you. Also, I can’t find “nail polish remover pads” Have they been discontinued?

  4. nunya says:

    FAMILY DOLLAR STORE LEX KY.HAVE POT HEADS ITS DIRTY,& THE CHRISTMAS SALE,IS A JOKE ONLY 40% OFF.AN ITS JAN 12.2016. that store is robbing customers an the service is HORRIBLE. i hate family dollar

  5. Family &Personal says:

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  6. bronzer says:

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  7. Huguette says:

    www familydollar com I love to shop at Family Dollar Store! Great products at great price! Their website familydollar is also awesome. I can find there recipes, coupons and their current ad with promotion.

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