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BKCrown.com – Jurassic Park Leaderboard Contest

BKCrown.com – Jurassic Park Leaderboard Contest. BK Games for Kids website www.BKCrown.com is sponsoring a special marketing promotion with the release of Jurassic Park 3D (2013) Movie in April. Indeed, kids can visit BurgerKing website dedicated to children where they can play fun online games and also participate in BK Crown contests. Presently there having this contest where you can win the Jurassic Park Prize Package consisting of Baseball Cap, Plush T-Rex and Canteen plus Jurassic Park T-Rex T-Shirt. This is a contest of skill, with winners selected based upon Crowns earned. Note that the Crowns are valid ONLY for the current Leaderboard Contest. After the end of the current Contest, the Leaderboard will reset to zero until the beginning of the next Contest. Good luck!


BK.com – The Burger King Wii U Instant Win Game

www.BK.com – The Burger King Wii U Instant Win Game. The Burger King Game Instant Win for you chance to own the brand new Nintendo Wii U Game Console. Enter today BurgerKing’s Wii U Instant Win Sweepstakes and you could be one of 490 lucky people to win a free Nintendo Wii U Game Console. This new game console is just amazing and will bring pleasure to all the family. Just as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, It has the particularity to use a system capable of detecting the position, orientation and movement in space by using high Tech sensors. This technology have change the way we play video games today. There is a big hype around this new game console with xmas time, black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, bet there will be a lot of those small white box under Christmas trees this year. And with this BK Game burger king contest maybe it’s your chance to own one. This will definitely reunite younger people and older people in this time of Xmas festivities, they will have fun playing wonderful games Nintendo Wii U. I will surely try this with some of my nephews this year. Good luck! and Happy Holidays. See official sweepstakes rules and prize details at BurgerKing website BK.com. The Marketing promotion from BK compagny ends on December 2, 2012. Good luck! “This Sweepstakes has ended


BK – Burger King Family Food Sweepstakes

www.bk.com/familyfood – Burger King Family Food Sweepstakes. Once again Burger King Corporation surprised us with a new marketing promotion, BK indeed sponsors a new in-store collectible game where participants will have the chance to win incredible prizes. Over one million prizes will be offered during the period of the sweepstakes. Imagine a real sweepstakes where you have a $10,000. winner everyday. This is just awesome! There are also millions of different things to be won, like Burger King food, they even got a car sweepstakes where you could win a Ford Explorer. Wait there’s more! like Kindle Fires and cash prizes. Don’t wait any longer and visit as soo as possible the official address of the Burger KIng Family Food Sweepstakes at http www.bk.com/familyfood. You will be amaze by what you will find. Good luck to all of you. Here’s more information about BK Family Food Sweepstakes: The Family Food Sweepstakes 2012.


BKCrown – Hasbro Family Game Night Leaderboard Contest

BKCrown.com – Hasbro Family Game Night Leaderboard Contest. Sponsored by Burger King Corporation this new contest will make the joy of Burger King young Crown fans. But exactly what is BK crown.com well it’s a fun and entertaining place where kids could play all sorts of games online. Infact it’s an online kids club full of activities. They have great educational games to play and crafts to enjoy. And today until April 23, 2012 – The New World of Fun for Kids! at www.bkcrown.com is inviting you to a Family Game Night contest.


BK – Burger King Website offers

www.bk.com – Burger King Website offers. Sweepstakes and much more. Each and every child desires to have a fantastic birthday that he or she will remember the rest of his or her life. Children only enjoy best during such moments when they are in a group of friends. Visiting Burger King Website will offer you what your child will live to remember. Burger King a well known place for fast foods. They are specialized in offering special and exclusive birthday parties for children. They offer exclusive discounts that would best fit your child’s birthday budgetary arrangements.


Burger King Twilight Game

The Burger King Twilight game is another promotional game that was introduced recently by this company. There were several promotional stuffs that were featured in this film that included the products of this company. This film is to be used as a tool that this company is going to promote its products. The movie is expected to attract a lot of clients in this organization who will be seeking to win rewards after they purchase the movie.