Company Promotion Sweepstakes – things you must know about

Promotion Sweepstakes –  Let’s take a look at what “sweepstakes” stands for. Sweepstakes, as we know it, is merely a game related to chances. Many stores, companies and small businesses are using this approach for promoting their product and selling their merchandise. In fact, company promotion sweepstakes has become the prime tool to drag customers closer, these days. So the majority of the companies are allocating separate budget for sweepstakes, just to make sure they are not falling behind from their competitors.

Through sweepstakes, companies give away attractive things. Most common offerings are – cash, an all inclusive vacation, highly popular and useful electronic device (e.g. android or iphone), for absolutely free! Or putting it straight and simple, they just offer it in exchange of signing up for winning or buying some of their shelf items or products.

That’s why companies these days take mailing lists seriously. That explains why the majority of these sweepstakes are deliberately designed for helping companies build their own database of mailing lists. As for one instance, a renowned airline company offered an all inclusive free tour to Paris. They valued this trip at $5,000. The eligibility for winning this trip is to get signed up for their sweepstakes and providing info such as your mailing or email address.

This airlines company here may use the info in future for sending you offers via the mail which would hopefully tempt you to turn into their regular customer. This airlines company here is basically trying to bet on the value offer to the people will help them build a direct mailing list, which lets them reach the potential customers. Putting it straight and simple, company promotion sweepstakes like these is expected to bring them benefits that will exceed their $5,000 expense.

But this doesn’t mean that all the companies out there are trying to build their mailing list via such sweepstakes program. In fact, there certain type of sweepstakes, which are merely meant to help establish sustainable brand awareness among the target customers, who are very much likely to switch to other products – since there are minor differences in the value among the competing products.

As for an instance, a renowned potato chip manufacturer might hold its sweepstakes offer that involves a lucrative give away of $2,500 worth American credit company gift cards. Could you figure out what is in this for the chips maker? Well, everybody reading about the sweepstakes offer is likely to recall that XY Potato Chips was the brave company with the guts to offer such a nice sweepstakes offer!

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    • Alvin
    • April 25, 2013

    Cash sweepstakes and vacation sweepstakes are the two best kind of sweepstakes I like to enter the most! Hope I will be a winner winner someday. good luck!

    • foresteen walker
    • December 22, 2012

    Merry Chirstmas. (smile)

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