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After getting some comments on my website about people seeking to apply for a job at Publishers Clearing House llc (PCH). My curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to take a peek of it. Keep in mind that my website is not at all an employment or some job opportunities related website. So I did get some information for you. But before, I want to tell you that I will be posting soon about the new PCH Sweepstakes November 25th. It’s a double cash prizes sweepstakes. Indeed, Now it’s the PCH 10000 a week For Life Sweepstakes. Stay tune for the next post. So until then, here’s what found about Jobs And Careers At Publishers Clearing House. That might interest you or someone you know.

Founded in 1997, Publishers Clearing House is a Direct-Marketing Company and well known for its promotion of various products and magazines, but more so for its promoted chance for people to win the big prize, even though it is not required for a person to subscribe to any magazines. Some of the jobs that the company advertises for include some of the normal positions one would expect to be offered by a large direct marketing company that does large volumes of business.

PCH Careers
Publishers Clearing House Jobs ?

One position advertised was for a full-time copywriter with experience with a direct marketing company. The responsibilities would include the writing and proofreading of copy, the reviewing of catalogs and websites of competitors.

Another is for a freelance senior copywriter who will be fully involved in content strategy as well as reviewing the copy of competitors, as well as testing and optimizing new copy.

Another position advertised was for a professional direct marketer with at least 5 years of experience and 3 years of background in eBusiness.  The ability to meet short deadlines is critical as well as the ability to be able to interface work across teams being required, while working in a fast paced environment.

One positioned advertise for was a contract job for an experienced graphic designer with an advanced knowledge of Photoshop Illustrator. This person will collaborate of the design and development of a global website, with numerous micro sites, and other connective and innovative design features.

The list goes on, but the bulk of the need for jobs is for copy-writing and copywriting revision positions. There is an ongoing emphasis on studying the production of competitors so as to keep up to and ahead of the competition.

These are highly skilled positions, so the candidate should be at the top of his or her game when applying for these positions.

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