How To Recognize Scams That Are Not Publishers Clearing House

How To Recognize Scams? I think that everybody has receive a Publishers Clearing House notice that if they enter the contest, they have the chance of winning a lot of money. Most people by this time, sort of blow it off as an impossibility, sort of like their chance of winning is worse than being struck by lightning 5 times in a row.

How To Recognize Scams that are not from PCH
How To Recognize Scams

Scams are rampant, however, such as the people who call you and tell you that you have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes prize, but before you claim your winnings, you have to pay 1 percent in taxes before you get your money. Bogus, there is no such requirement. If you receive an email, a phone call or a bulk mail letter that says you have won a large amount of money from Publishers Clearing House, that is a scam. According to the website for Publishers Clearing House, all prize winnings of $500 or more come either by certified express letter or in person by the well known “Prize Patrol.” You will never get a letter or a phone call to be notified that you have won, unless, of course, it is from a scammer.

The only goal of a person who is attempting to scam you is to get money out of you for a promise of a prize that is never going to appear. The latest technique of the Publishers Clearing House scammers is to use Facebook Scam. They will construct Facebook pages that look like they are official Publishers Clearing House pages, and the will use them to convince people that they have won.

Publishers Clearing House will never contact a major prize winner via social media.

Sometimes people want to win so badly, that they throw all caution aside and just hand over a fee, or a “processing cost,” just because they don’t think. Beware, there are legitimate ways to fine out if you have really won. Always Be Vigilant!

PCH Social Media Scam
PCH Facebook Scam

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  2. I just want to say thank you because I just found out today, December 04, 2016 the answer that I always ask to myself if this is true or fake. Almost everyday I spend my time all day playing to search a free entry and try my luck but honestly I don’t have any idea about Pch sweepstakes. I said to myself it’s not a bad idea if I will try and i really don’t know if this is true, I said it’s free anyway so why not. So I don’t know anything about scam but I really want to win something because I need it at least to help me to move my family into self-sufficiency. I barely start working as a part time only but aiming full-time job so I can provide to my family even just basic needs especially to my 13 years old daughter. So I need a little help not for myself but for my family. So my urge to win I did my best to find a way that all the efforts that I did is not going into a waste. And hopefully be the lucky one that could change our life if not the best at least into a better one. Thanks a lot.

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  7. searching am i being scam now

  8. This is what I’m afraid of,so far no one has called yet,I’m glade I found out now,pch never calls anyone.I wouldn’t give money to anyone any way,I don’t no.I Need my money for food & paying May bills,I’m on a fixed income,can’t even buy a Christmas card,to send my sister.

  9. I received a friend request from Danielle. When they asked for my phone number-I gave them the number of our local sheriff’s department. No more contact. Lol. This is the first contact I have made.

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