AARP $25,000 Survey Sweepstakes – AARP $25,000 Survey Sweepstakes. AARP membership benefits and interests. Member feedback is important in every organization. Surveys have existed since the very beginning of the marketing. This data collection of customer feedback where people respond to short surveys have proved their efficiency in different sectors of sale or service. Surveys are used to improve the quality of a product or a service. By collecting these feedbacks¬†making survey data analysis the merchant can make sure to please its customers. Providing adequate service and improved the quality of their offers. AARP – The American Association of Retired Persons knows this and wants to improve and offer a better service to their members. That’s why they’re promoting a sweepstakes where members of AARP will complete a short questionnaire about their interest.

AARP org Sweepstakes
AARP $25,000 Sweepstakes

Membership marketing survey sweepstakes where participant will be enter into a $25,000 cash sweepstakes with The AARP Member $25,000 preferences Survey Sweepstakes.

As a member visit today and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the cash survey sweepstakes.

This promotion ends on April 1, 2013. Good luck!+


AARP Member:

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  1. like to win 25,000.00 could pay off my hospital bills

  2. I would love to win the game for my family

  3. Cool I want to be a winner pch


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