The official rules of an Online Sweepstakes

Every activity that takes place for a prize to be won surely comes with rules and regulations no matter where it takes place. This also applies to online sweepstakes which have become very popular on the internet in recent times. Participants of these online sweepstakes must always read the official rules that are provided by the sponsor for contest entry.

Moreover it gives you an insight as to the qualifications, conditions, exclusions, entry limits and prizes that could be won. Let us therefore take a look at some of the general rules that are provided by online sweepstakes and contests all over the world.

There are some of the online sweepstakes that would require that participants enter once per month which is known as the monthly. Others have a rule that give an entry allowance limited to one per twenty four hours. It is the sponsors who would track the entry times of participants. Another rule could be the instant win where you submit an entry form and then you get an instant notification upon winning. There is also the daily entry where it is limited to one participant each calendar day. With this one the odds of winning rise when a participant submits the entry every day.

One category that offers another set of rules is the blog. The blog sweeps are normally operated by individuals who manage their own blog sites. With this every contest is special and those who partake mostly sign into the blog website and then visit a sponsor link or comment. However this kind of sweepstake could be time consuming but the winning odds are normally better.

Apart from this another rule could be the 1 per computer or IP address. With this just one person could enter the sweepstakes with the use of a unique IP address. The IP addresses are normally assigned to the internet service providers with the blocks that re region based. The computers which are connected to the net have a special number and as such cannot be replicated.

The fact of the matter is that most of the sweepstakes organizers would make efforts to offer participants an overview of their contests. However it would be in the best interest of the person to ensure that he or she gets acquainted with the official rules in order to avoid disqualification and any other disappointments.

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