Here Are The Top Symbols For Luck

Luck and superstition have seen all kinds of different people using all kinds of different things to usher lucky moments into their life. Some people don’t believe in luck, and others are so intertwined in this way of life that they have many different ways of incorporating lucky symbols into their daily doings. What are some of these lucky symbols? Many people have spent countless hours as children in search of that elusive four leave clover. Often times, you think you have one, but then you peal back the closely grouped clover leaves and find that you’re holding the more common three leaf version. Four leave clovers have been a symbol of luck for quite some time, grouped up with leprechauns, rainbows and me lucky charms. New PCH Sweepstakes Win $1250000.00 Cash.

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Don’t forget the rabbit’s foot! Yes, this is an actual furry foot of a rabbit, often in modern times designed to be either a key chain itself or to be able to be placed on your already existing key chain. People rub rabbit’s feet for good luck, and they are also quite soft.

Symbols for Luck
Top Lucky Symbols

Horseshoes are one of those luck symbols that can go either way. With a horseshoe turned right side up, this is as good of a lucky symbol as any other. But, it turns into a broken mirror situation when it is turned upside down, bringing about bad luck to those around.

Obviously, when it comes to symbols for luck, there are both those producing good luck and those that usher in bad luck. Lucky symbols are different from culture to culture. However, many of them do cross cultural boundaries and are more widespread than others. Other honorable mentions for lucky symbols include dice, ladybugs, lucky numbers, goldfish, pennies and Chinese symbols. So how many lucky symbols do you keep around?

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    • Fred Haut
    • September 29, 2017

    Yes your top symbols for luck are all the symbols I am playing for I would like to win one of each lucky charm please help me make this dream come true

    • Fred Haut
    • March 10, 2017

    My good luck symbols of courses PCH envelope and then there is the Ford logo in my Cheerios which I see every morning Indian up with putting on my good symbol of Old Navy these are what I consider my good luck charms

    • Fred Haut
    • March 8, 2017

    My good luck symbols are the O’s in my Cheerios the Old Navy symbol on my jeans I have always thought the Ford logo was good luck

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