Difference between Sweepstakes and Contests

Indeed there are some differences between sweepstakes and contests which you would have to be aware of before choosing one. As someone who is interested in taking part in any of these, you would have to know the difference between sweepstakes and contests. When we talk about sweepstakes it is all about luck while contests are just about being rather skilful than those you are competing with. Therefore if you think you trust in your luck more than the skills you have you should go in for the sweepstakes. However, if you think that you possess enough skills than other players then go in for the contests. You have to note that there are a number of reasons why someone could be confused as to the difference between Sweepstakes and Contests. The fact of the matter is that some of the sweepstakes are designed with the view of making people think that sweepstakes are actually contests and not games of luck or chance. These could confuse even the clever ones so that it is quite hard to distinguish between them.

Online Sweepstakes and Contests
                              Sweepstakes and Contests

It is important to note that deception is one of the traits of sweepstakes but when it comes to contests this is absent. Indeed those who organize the sweepstakes are just interested in confusing people so that they enter them. You would surely lose your money if you fall to this kind of deception. On many occasions the sweepstakes is organized in a way that it looks like a legal contest but there is actually to contest in the sweepstakes.

The best form of advice is that if ever you want to enter into sweepstakes there is the need to play the free ones which are very easily available online. However if you want to enhance your chances of winning then you have to stay close to contests. For instance you could stick to the genuine puzzle which provides better chances of winning and which is more rewarding that some others around. When you have fully appreciated the difference between sweepstakes and contests you would soon realize that the contests are not just better for you but there are no further risks involved at all. However the sweepstakes could easily let you lose your money in the process without ever having enough chance of winning at all. Therefore it is important that you choose wisely.

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  1. I think I can only play sweepstakes as i do not have the skills for contests

  2. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Indeed the word was “CLEVER”

  3. I noticed an error in the Difference between Sweepstakes
    and Contests, when you read it, you will come across
    where the word CLOVER was used instead of CLEVER.
    Unless you are trying to say something else, I believe
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