What Is The Publishers Clearing House Forever Prize?

The PCH ‘forever’ prize really gets people’s attention. We don’t stay alive in this world forever, so what does the forever PCH Prize mean? With the “Forever” Prize, You Can Leave a Legacy That Lasts Forever! Instead of a winner simply getting prize money every week for the rest of his or her life, the prize continues after the person passes. ( Related Post: PCH $25000 a Month for Life and PCH Act Now  –  $2500.00 a Week for Life Entry) You see, the winner is allowed to pick someone else who also gets prize money for the rest of his or her life – PCH $5000 a Week Forever or $7000 a Week Forever. – pch.com/forever

What is the Forever-Prize from PCH?

The prize money essentially lasts two lifetimes. That may not be forever, but it is the latest in how PCH continues to reinvent itself in terms of the prizes the company gives away. When you look at what is being offered, you see two increments mentioned. One is the $2500 a week forever prize, and the others are PCH $5000 a Week Forever or $7000 a Week Forever. Either one would be quite the payout, don’t you agree With this PCH Prize?

How often does PCH give this prize away? If you look up information about the prize, the company has done it more than once. Wouldn’t you like to see the Prize Patrol at your front door to hand you the forever prize? In fact, it would be nice to see them show up to hand you any type of prize, right? You could be the next PCH winner. You never know.

PCH Extra $5000 a Week Forever
PCH Upgrade Notice

The prize patrol shows up with champagne, roses and a big check like you always see when they arrive at a person’s residence. Have you ever wondered if they call ahead of time, or if they have ever been caught off guard? You would think it would be kind of difficult to just show up at someone’s house and always arrive at just the right time to hand over a prize. People work, use the bathroom, have dinner parties, etc.

Whatever the case may be, anyone receiving a forever prize is certainly going to want to see PCH at their door, even if they are caught off guard. When PCH is going to give away a forever prize, the company leaves clues to make the process more fun. One of the clues that was left recently is that the winner is from a state in which no one has received a forever prize yet.

PCH Win $5000 a Week Forever
Win $5000 a Week Forever

There is something else you will want to know about the PCH forever prize. You get more than just the $5000 a week. You also get two bonuses, one at $1 million dollars, and the other is $35k. That’s really cool how the company gives you a million dollars and also gives you $5000 a week. When do you get your million?

PCH Forever Prize Winner
PCH Winner

If you end up being the winner, it’s not really going to matter. You’re going to have so much money, you’re not going to know what to do with it all. It would be nice to have that type of problem, right? You would be managing those funds as a full-time business, helping others. That is what life might be like if you are the next PCH forever prize winner of either$2500 a week forever prize, or one of the otherForever Prizes That are PCH $5000 a Week Forever or $7000 a Week Forever. Good Luck Everyone with PCH FOREVER Prize.

With the “Forever” Prize, You Can Leave a Legacy That Lasts Forever – www.pch.com

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    • Harjinder Dhanjal
    • May 14, 2020

    I’m receiving my messages to my weshes PCH and the next one I am available to hear from my home,l am feeling much better than happy, Thanks,

    • Amy
    • July 27, 2019

    Its the combination of 4 different giveaways.??
    I VIP ELITE CLAIM these giveaway numbers:13000
    Im In for the BIG WIN
    Superprize #:4770 9571 6610

    • Desmond A Nduka
    • April 26, 2019

    I would be glad to be the chosen one

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