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Home makeover sweepstakes deal with helping people come up with ways that they can use to make their homes look better. The improvement plans are done by professionals who are more informed in that industry. If you are looking to have a place in your home improved but don’t have the cash to pay the experts to analyze the project for you, here are ways that you can have it done free:

Do a lot of research online. There are several places that you are going to get home makeover sweepstake that are being offered. Register with the organizations if you are qualified for participating. The online entries are more reliable since they are going to provide you an avenue through which you can present late entries.

Look for websites that are concerned with provision of home makeover sweepstakes. Most of these have information regarding these sweepstakes from the winners to the conditions that you are supposed to meet so that you can win them. The sites also allow the contestants to make more entries in them.

Choose home makeover sweepstakes that are going to have tough conditions to make entries. A lot of people are afraid of being challenged and are going to quit. This will increase your chances of winning the award that can help you get home improvement for free on home makeover contests.

Look for the latest information. The sweepstakes are mostly dynamic hence they are going to be making improvements over different parts of the home. Staying updated with the projects that are upcoming will help you choose the right makeover for your home.

Make several entries. Several entries increase your odds of winning one of those makeovers that you have been dreaming about. The information that you are entering should however be easy to read and comprehend; otherwise, the sponsors might be incapable of comprehending the information if it is filled incorrectly.

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    • Donna Stanczyk
    • January 14, 2018

    PCH I Really Could Use The 25,000 for the Home Makeover Executive Prize So I Can Make My Home Disabled Access for Me and My Husband plus I Need a Ramp for The Outside so I can Walk with My Cane, Walker or Wheelchair. Thank You Donna

    • Lorna Tinin
    • October 16, 2016

    I have the numbers FOR SOO MANY and Would LOVE TO win a Home Make Over. As well AS 7,000.00 for life just Really Anything,Looking forward to seeing the PCH RIG SOON.

    • Patricia Wilson
    • September 23, 2014

    I can’t find the double entry for 50,000$makeover we rent our house so I doubt they would let us

    • Donna Warmack
    • April 1, 2012

    You have so many sweepstakes and contests, but you don’t say how to get to the page with the entry form and it takes half the night to just get close to it. I would love to enter this one, it sounds great and I sure could use it. But it does get aggravating when you can’t find an entry form.

    • Donyea N.Wilson
    • January 19, 2011

    I hope I finally win,cause we deserve some good luck for a change.

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