PCH WIN $2,500,000.00 MEGAPRIZE

PCH WIN $2,500,000.00 MEGAPRIZE! Gwy. No. 11389. PCH Sweepstakes Entry 2020! PCH MegaPrize 2020 is a new promotion from Publishers Clearing House. Do you want to get out of debt? Get out of credit debt? Could you imagine yourself richer and living the good life with no worries about your financial situation? With No more late overdue mortgage payments and no more struggle to make ends meet. More than ever in the time we live in as chaos sadly surrounds us. What amount would make your life different tomorrow? $100,000.00? $1Million? How about $2.5 Million? That’s a huge sum! That amount could be in your bank account on December 3rd! This is the sum of Publishers Clearing House latest sweepstakes promotion starting today.

Win $2500000.00 Megaprize 2020!
PCH Win $2.5 Million MEGAPRIZE!

How can you increase your chance of winning that PCH giveaway? The more times you enter, the more chances you have at becoming a winner! If you aren’t entering everyday multiple times as you’re allowed, you could be missing out! Never forget, it’s absolutely free to enter, so there’s no reason to not participate as often as you can! The more you enter, your chances are growing. Take all those FREE opportunities offer by PCH. Below all the opening possibilities that are offered by Publishers Clearing House.


and on the top of all: pch.com/PCHVip… As a PCH Vip you get so much more. Like doubling or even tripling your PCH Entries and much more. Actual VIP promotion: Exclusive VIP Access for a shot to win $1,000,000.00 cash.

Ways to Enter PCH Sweepstakes
How to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?

The image above shows you some of the possibilities for increasing your chances of winning. Don’t miss on those opportunities! Their’s so many ways you can win PCH Prize! Get It done today and everyday! Claim Your PCH Entry Today! PCH $2,500,000.00 MEGAPRIZE 2020.

As Stated on Publishers Clearing House Official Website: “PROMOTION SPECIFICS: Entry Deadline: 11:59 P.M., ET, 11/29/20. Upon timely entry, your assigned Prize Number(s) will be fully eligible to win. If you are eligible for multiple entries, multiple Prize Numbers will be assigned to you. Entries submitted from this Promotion after the deadline will be deemed invalid.

Lotto MegaPrize Details: By timely entering in this online promotion, you will be assigned MegaPrize numbers, through the quick pick function on PCHLotto into Giveaway No.11389. These quick pick numbers will be fully eligible to win the PCHLotto MegaPrize from the drawing held the week your entry is received. If there are multiple winners of the same prize, the prize will be split equally among the individuals. This entry will also be fully eligible to win a guaranteed $2,500,000.00 Prize on November 29th, 2020 from a Second Chance Drawing if there is not an exact match to the winning MegaPrize Numbers randomly drawn in the final November 29th, 2020 drawing for Giveaway No. 11389.

Prize will be paid as follows: If the matching winning number for Giveaway No. 11389 is assigned to a timely entrant from this Promotion, the winner will receive $50,000.00 a year for 29 years and a final payment of $1,050,000.00 in the 30th year. Present value of Giveaway No. 11389 will vary depending on interest rates and market conditions at the time of the award. PCH expressly reserves the right, at its option, to award merchandise prizes in cash at the stated value.

Giveaway No. 11389 is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents who are physically located and residing within their respective country of residence; however online entry is only open to U.S. residents. U.S. and Canadian residents can enter ongoing Giveaways open to them by writing to the address shown below. Void where prohibited. All Giveaways are void in the province of Quebec and residents of that province are not eligible to enter or win.”

Sweepstakes rules
Sweepstakes entry

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