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There is nothing more fun than going online and playing games. I can pass hours at a time and wonder where the hours have gone when I get into a good game online, especially when the game is free to play. PCH Real Money Games, PCH Token Games, When I learned about PCH or Publisher’s Clearing House game website, I had to try it. It turns out that you can play all the games you like for free and win cash prizes while you are at it. I can’t do that with Candy Crush! New PCH Instant Games: – These New Emoji Games From PCH Could Make You A Millionaire! PCH New Sweepstakes to Enter:  on NBC – $7000 a Week for Life

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I went over to the website and had a look at it. It was filled with great-looking new games that caught my eye. The daily instant win game was what got me to sign up. You can play it twice each day – once from your desktop and once from your phone. That’s two chances to win $1000 every day. I can get a chance to win money just by going over to the website every day and logging in. You automatically get 1000 tokens when you register which is enough to start playing the fun games that they have online for free. There’s Sunken Treasure, Mahjongg Moohlah, Riverboat Poker and more. They are colorful, easy to play and you can collect tokens very quickly which you can redeem for gift cards or cash prizes. I love that you have a chance to win at every game that you play, too. Even if you are just playing for fun you still have that extra chance of becoming a winner.

One of my favorites over at PCH is Mahjongg. I used to play Mahjongg online a lot. The game at PCH is more of a challenge than any other Mahjongg game I have ever played. It is a race against the clock to match tiles and you have only one minute to match your tiles before the timer is up. It’s a great way to stay alert and work on your memory skills all while having a blast and earning more chances to win money.

Check out all the game descriptions on the Token Games section of the website. You will find out more about Word Candy, Candystand Arcade, and other games like crosswords which are some of the more difficult games to play at PCH.

I have seen some people complain on some websites that PCH is some kind of scam, but it is not. The company was started in 1953 and has always been a direct market company that sold magazines and other products. It used the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes to get attention to its service but no one was ever required to pay to enter the contest. Since it started in 1967, PCH has awarded millions of dollars to people all around the nation. They also list winners of all the PCH online games on the website.

It is in the fine print at the very bottom of the website, but it is there. Go have some fun and play an array of games that are both easy and challenging. You always get a chance to win a cash prize when you do.

PCh Games: Final Fantasy! –

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    • Brenda Nelson
    • May 21, 2020


    • Mrs Angelina Grimes
    • April 24, 2020

    ✨✨Yes Yes I’am in it to win it all ( YOUR TRUE DIED HARD PCH & V.I.P Elite FAN SINCE 1983 for Life). Thank you

    • Wendy corey
    • April 23, 2020

    Wendycorey tell it tough find where put enter right it try did play every day but half am busy sometime do miss not all but did special order all yes cuz but try save to money alot god crazy gun down crazy ok well help do thing find soon ? Questio good luck okthy from. Wendycoreyok later bye

    • Roberto Aguilar
    • March 21, 2020

    Registering SP387 and fantasy XV

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