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www Kraftfoods com – Kraft Foods Company. As a sweepstakes blog we love Kraftfoods for their promotion section where we can find great promotion sweepstakes to enter. But they not only have some of the best sweepstakes that we have regularly reported here; Kraftfood is a fabulous company with incredible products. Initially the Kraft Food was known as the J.L. Kraft Bros. Company (this was in the year 1909). Then in the year 1924, the company changed its name from that to Kraft Cheese Company. In the year 1927, the Kraft Company established their sales offices in London and in Hamburg. These were the first Companies to be established outside of North America. If you are at home eating some boring tasteless food, then stop! Go out shopping and buy some good tasty Kraft Food.

In the year 1928, the Kraft Company changed its name to Kraft – Phenix Cheese Company. The Kraft – Phenix Cheese Company were the creators of Philadelphia cream cheese. In the year 1930, the Kraft – Phenix Cheese Company had obtained 40% of the United States of America, cheese market. They also started operating in Australia. Kraft Food tastes really, really good. You should try it, if you have not already. So, go out now and buy some yummy Kraft Food.

During the World War II, the Kraft – Phenix Cheese Company sent about four million pounds of Cheese to Britain every week. In the year 1945, the Kraft Company changed its name to the Kraft Foods Company. They changed their name because their entire product lines had diversified. During the post war years, the Kraft Foods Company grew enormously, thanks to advertisement and product development. During the 50s, the Kraft Foods founder, James L. Kraft died. Now, that you know about Kraft history and now that you see it has been famous for such a long, long time, you can go outside and buy some tasty Kraft Foods instead of wasting your money on tasteless foods.

In the year 1947, Kraft tried the power of television. They tried this by producing a drama program called the Kraft Television Theater. The Kraft Television Theater was an hour – long drama program. Even though there was no advertising support for it, the groceries and the stores could not keep up with the very high demand of its products. So, you now know that the Kraft Food is such a great product because of its high demand. Nowadays when we watch an advertisement on the television we think, ‘wow! It is so good, we should buy it.’ But for the Kraft Foods, their product has been famous even before the television. You should definitely go outside to a shopping mall or a grocery store and buy some delicious Kraft Foods Products.

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