ellentv.com 12days – Win a Pair of Tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways 2013


www.ellentv.com 12Days – Win a Pair of Tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways 2013. Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways! As usual Ellen will be generous this year! Ellen wrote on her latest blog post this week that she is kicking off her 2013, 12 Days of Giveaways for Christmas and she stated also that it would be one of kind this year! The biggest one yet, with fantastic gifts. I’m eager to watch EllenTv Show this December, 12 days of giveaways, just love seeing it every year.. The Ellen 12 Days of Christmas will be amazing! If you would like to be apart of this Christmas television moment on Ellen’s Show, well you will be happy to hear that she’s giving away this month a pair of tickets to assist Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. Enter here to win a pair of tickets to one of Ellen’s 12 Days shows! Hurry up! Giveaway ends on December 10, 2013. Go ahead, If you want to be in Ellen’s TV Show audience for one of her 12 Days of Giveaways, there’s still time to win tickets! Good Luck and Happy Holidays! Oh! Don’t forget to watch Ellen’s 12-Day Giveaway shows. Stay tune to www.ellentv.com/12Days

Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways 2013

www.ellentv.com 12 days of giveaways tickets

Visit today, www.ellenTV.com or Ellen’s Facebook Fan Page or ellenshop.com. Once on the page look for the 12 days of Giveaways banner, You will be brought to a web page that contains the registration form where you will be prompted to enter your information for the sweepstakes giveaway. Win Christmas tickets.

Enter for your chance to win 2 Tickets to a live taping of a 12 Days of Giveaways Ellen DeGeneres Show during the month of December 2013.

Sweepstakes Prizes:
One (1) Prize: 2 Tickets to a live taping of a 12 Days of Giveaways Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellentv.com 12 Days Ticket: http://www.ellentv.com/win-tickets-to-12-days/
Ellentv.com 12 Days Rules: http://www.ellentv.com/giveaways-official-rules/

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28 Responses to “ellentv.com 12days – Win a Pair of Tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways 2013”

  1. linda barbaro says:

    I would be so happy to be part of the giveaway.

    I’m seventy four years young and have never won anything

    much. I watch Ellen almost every day and really enjoy

    her zany self. It would be a wonderful adventure for

    me. Wish me luck Thank You,

    Linda Barbaro

  2. Loretta Battle says:

    Ellen you are the greatest. And know that I’m not a racist nor do I support prejudices. But you are a one and only talk show host that has rhythm…. I love your show and would love to bring my Mom 74 and my Dad 80 to see you they watch you ALL the time I have tried to win tickets. And it is just not my turn I pray I will be blessed before my parents are no longer here and have gone on to heaven… I won’t give up!

    Thank You
    Loretta Battle
    Greenbelt, Nd.

  3. Loretta Battle says:

    Ellen you are the greatest. And know that I’m not a racist nor do I support prejudices. But you are a one and only talk show host that has rhythm…. I love your show and would love to bring my Mom 74 and my Dad 80 to see you they watch you ALL the time I have tried to win tickets. And it is just not my turn I pray I will be blessed before my parents are no longer here and have gone on to heaven… I won’t give up!

  4. Darlene Austin says:

    I would love to win tickets to see The Ellen show on a twelve days of Christmas.

  5. richard brunsdon says:

    love to have the chance to win , love you and your show ellen thank you so much

  6. NELLIE LAMM says:


  7. Dawn M. Jones says:

    I would like to win 2 tickets for me & my mother-in-law to come to your show we watch it everyday & would really appreciate it if we could come & get in on the 12 days of Christmas, please believe me we really NEED some of these items. She also can use a new furnace in her home as she doesn’t have an heat or h2o so she also needs an hot h2o tank as we are boiling h2o to wash. Please consider us as some candidates on your show. I would like for it to be a surprise to her. Her name is Sharon Maye she s the head cook at Frisch’s on Central Pkwy in Cincinnati, Ohio, she’s been there almost 20 years.

    Thank you in advance,
    Dawn M. Jones

  8. Ann Keogh says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE…I would love to come to the ELLEN SHOW but I think I am too late..I watch it most everyday..I just want to win a prize..I am very blessed, I have family,friends,and lots of love around, I cannot complain, I just want to enter the 12 day’s contest,but I cannot find the page on this computer so I hope this gets me entered..I know you help so many people that need help and I know you are so very generous and how happy it makes you..You are very blessed and I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS..You are also a HOOT, You make me SMILE and LOL… Sincerely, Ann from Nash. Tenn.

  9. Abbie Clymer says:

    Ellen my youngest daughter and I have been trying for ever to come see you and would love to be in your audience you have such a great show and make so many people happy, so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee can you make our day and let us come to your show in December we will be fore ever happy
    hugs ands kisses
    Abbie & Terri

  10. Gerianne LeBlond says:

    My friend Diana loves Ellen. Would be thrilled to Ellen and is a much low key fan and I. We both needed to retire from our jobs for health reasons. We are working on getting our selves back in shape mental and physically. I would be totally exponentially lovely to meet Ellen

  11. Christine Moore says:

    October 8,2014
    A win of this magnitude would not only benefit me, it would benefit others as well. The success and true joy of my lifetime has been spreading it through others. I have not been active lately because of serious personal injuries. I have recovered through true will, persistence, strength, and my need to move forward impacting the well being of others. That is my
    true gift. I am lucky to be alive and benefit others with my living a life. I love you all for the strength
    that you spread, you have helped me to heal and you alone are a true testament to True Good Will.
    I truly thank and love you for all that you are.
    Sincerely yours,
    Christine (CAM)

  12. Christine Moore says:

    Wednesday, Oct.8
    I was severely injured a few years ago by the hands and greed of another. I am one of only a few to have recovered from the severity of my injuries. I have been successful throughout my life with inborn commitment and determination. I would like to continue that work. Your generous gift would enable me to do so. Benefitting me would benefit many others in return. You helped me walk and live again–your gift would help me to reward many others as well.
    You are beautiful. I thank you for all that you are
    With all of my love,
    Christine (CAM)

  13. Leigh Heavrin says:

    So Ellen, I’m not sick or anything. Just a a really bad place in my life. I’m getting older and recently divorced. It’s just weird. I do love to travel and would really like to come to see your show in person. I feel like I’m talking to my therapist. Do I have to pay for this session?

  14. Mary says:

    Dear Ellen, recently did a show on people who desired dessert appreciate.i know 3. My Nicese she 11Yr. And her mentor 3yr. A go Lana Can into Life. And took Control of everything. She Start taking her to school taking me to the Doctor taking us to Her Were every we need Togo. She’s has a beautiful family.she Guick her Job to take Car of Us.i mean what every I need grocery Clothes. They was trying to Fail my Nicese at this school and she Handle good. We had to Send he to Summer school get who pY for. And arrange for her together School Supplies. Took her shopping to get her tennis shoes.she’s a blessing to us. I ask her one if she had 1 wish what would it be she said for Us to take D. To the holyLane ans to Disney World.and said WoW !! That was one of my Dream too. She is amazing person. I Wish I Could make Her Wish come true. Ellen U God Masterpiece Cread in his divine Design.he said,”Faith “and gave u the Strength to move Mountian… He said Hope’and Shaped the desires of your Heart..he said Love”and Made you this amazing person You Are!.My Friend Name is Lana, my Nicese name is Devinigue. And my name is Mary. I would Love to come to one your show u see I Am Disabled and afraid to Fly. But Lana not R Devinique i ‘m in Such a Financial situation. sand Lana is alway Help Some One. If I could make her Wish Come. That would make Me HAppy too.

  15. rosalyn jenkins says:

    I would love to see Ellen, watch her all the time.
    would love to be there for the giveaway as I am a sr. and disable and limited income, or I would just love to see her. what a blessing it would be. god bless and thanks for letting me leave this even though it says 2103, and it is 2014, so will you really read it?
    sincerely yours. smile

  16. patricia ruhe says:

    I would love 2 tickets to the 2 days of Christmas show for 2014 in Los Angeles!

  17. Jazel Vega says:

    I love tour show so much!!!!!!

  18. Toi Robinson says:

    I watch your show you are so wonderful I want to go on your show for the next 12 days giveaway 2014

  19. Dessica Segura says:

    Hi Ellen, I am a big fan and love your show. I Just got laid off from my job days before Thanksgiving. I still very depressed about losing my job. This has killed my spirit to celebrate the Holiday’s. I stay in bed the whole weekend of Thanksgiving. Christmas time I love, I won’t be able to shop for my four beautiful grand babies… Unemployment checks can even pay all of my bills, or Christmas. My heat and spirits are low. My birthday Dec, 21 if I could be a guest on the Ellen show that would be a dream come true. Nevertheless this is really about my babies. Thanks ,Dessica

  20. karen miller says:

    I am going to the ellen show. I have my bags packed just waiting for ellen to call me. I will get gifts for the grand children and I WILL see Ellen in person. That would be the best of all gifts .

  21. Lindaleigh Portner says:

    Thank you for being a kind human being! I am fighting cancer right now and I watch your show because you ALWAYS make me laugh. Keep up the good work <3 lala

  22. karen miller says:

    Hey Ellen, I WANT TO COME AND SEE THE SHOW. It really would beat any experience I ever had. I have never been to California. (Is that a song?) but I want to see you in person. I have never seen a star before…

  23. Lauren Powers says:

    Hey Ellen, I know I have been trying to get tickets for the 12 days of Christmas and obviously again not a winner. I love seeing show when possible but you also are a great stand up comedian. Just want to try again and see if just once I could get tickets to the show or even win the 12 days of Christmas gifts. Single mom trying to get by and would love to meet you also. You are the most generous person on tv today and everyday. So in short been trying for about 2yrs and no respond hoping this will be my lucky yr love ya and hope you and Portia have a beautiful Chistmas holiday. Your fan forever Lauren33

  24. Vickie moss says:

    Ellen I have been watching you ever since I can remember I love your show. you are so funny and you make me laugh I would just die to come see you it has been something that I really want to do for a very long time just can’t afford the trip. i would love to win anything from you I have never won nothing in my life.

  25. Gail Gullage says:

    Love your show and watch it often. I am a retired nurse and my husband a retired barber. We are trying to sell our house so we can travel a little. Have been unable to do that. We pay our bills, but just a little short on the other end. I am very thankful to God for our good health and do not want to complain. By the way I love your poinsettia on your stumps. Those stumps make a great coffee table. Hope you have a great Christmas and happy and healthy coming year.

  26. Darrell Shouse says:

    Hi Ellen my wife Linda has been watching your show for over eight years and dream of being there for the 12 days of giveaways. Every year I ask her what she would like she tells me to go to your show. She has been fighting breast cancer for the past two years and all she does is give. I am asking you to please help me to make her wish to come true. I see all the wonderful things you do for so many. I pray this will be one of them.

  27. Rose Mazzotta says:

    The only reason I entered a few times is because the site kept saying error and I would re-enter.
    Rose Mazzotta

  28. Rose Mazzotta says:

    I have been watching Ellen for years and would jump at the chance to see her! OK, the 12 days excites me as well. lol Seriously I would be thrilled at the chance to see Ellen in person! She is delightful, hysterical and a warmhearted woman with a witty personality. I just think if I did win some gifts I could have some to give at Christmas. I’m not poor I stay in good shape and Heath but I live on a pension after working at a psychiatric hospital for children and was hurt there. Not complaining just explaining. It would be great to come see Ellen This year! Thanks, Rose

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