www.Oprah.com/12Days – Oprah 12 Day Give-O-Way 2016

www.Oprah.com/12Days – Oprah 12 Day Give-O-Way 2016. This Sweepstakes Giveaway features Oprah’s 2016 favorite things list. Oprah’s Favorite Things list has become a must on Holiday Shopping Season! The American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and considered as one of the most rich and influential American women has just unveiled its “favorite things list” for 2016. (www.usmagazine.com) US Weekly Stated That “And this year the O magazine publisher went above and beyond — with the most random items ever, that is.” Oprah Winfrey offers this year again is amazing. From all sorts of valuable high-tech products, through kitchenware to winter clothes and jewelry, you will certainly suit your needs with this year Oprah Winfrey list. You will be fill with Coupons, great deals, tips and advice for this year Christmas shopping. Oprah’s List has become a must at this time of year. Here’s the list of the one and only personality that has its own shopping list on Amazon. Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2016:

Oprah's List 2015

Oprah 12 Day Giveaway 2016 – Give-O-Way 2016

Some of the gifts featured include:

• Smart Coach: Jawbone UP3 ($180, 20% off with code: OPRAH)
• On Board: Words With Boards Personalized Hardwood Cutting Boards ($159)
• Svelte Pelt: Park Avenue Faux Fur Jacket for your pet ($39)
• Polar Express: LL Bean Extra Large Sonic Snow Tube ($150)
• Hip to Be Square: Collection of 5 bottles of Square One Vodka ($175)
• Booting Up: Ugg Kristin Classic Slim Boots ($160)
• Worth Its Salt: Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Salt Cellar ($49)

Starting November 30th you as a reader of the O Magazine you can enter for a chance to win by visiting the O Magazine website at www.oprah.com/12days and follow the on-screen instructions to enter Oprah’s Magazine 12 Days of Holiday Giveaway. You will have to get the special code that you can find in O-Magazine or on the entry page. note that if you enter the sweepstakes each day, better are your chance to win. No purchase necessary to enter or win. 12-Day Give-O-Way Sweepstakes. This promotion is sponsored by Oprah’s Company – Hearst Communications. This promotion is primarily an extension of the Oprah Magazine as the codes will be available in the December issue. Don’t miss this opportunity of winning one of Oprah’s Favorite Things this year. Good Luck and Happy Holiday!


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  1. Ethel Walker says:

    I.want be the first ☝️ be a millionaire in my family and I hope I’m.in play with pch as been.dream of mine so happy and my family Wii be to.and I’m.lpoking
    Foward to m, first time getting this flower PCH and I really would like to finish it meeting the price Patrol at my door hope I didn’t blow it don’t know what I’m doing but I have dated 100% looking for for my prize of a lifetime summary looking for some changes I need to wear this and I hope I have not Giveaway number 8000 hopeful

  2. Nataly Zakutnayaya says:

    Dear Oprah!
    I am Nataly, I am a mother of a 13 years boy Andrew. He is from Ukraine. He is fond of paleontology. My
    son is disabled and has got Haemophilia B.
    For the sake of his dream he is going to ride a bike from New York to Chicago 1000 miles together with
    his father on tandem. My son dreams to visit Chicago Field Museum of Nature History and meet his
    ideal Paul Sereno.
    Just to attract attention to such disabled children in Ukraine my son has managed to pass Europe on
    bike from Mukachevo to Berlin 1350 km . In August 2016 Andrew did it in spite of all the difficulties.
    Last winter he passed through on foot the Carpathean Mountains 400 km.
    This June he rode a bike all Ukraine from West to East 1650 km.
    I would like to ask you attract attention to my heroic son who makes his best just to prove all sick
    children that they can do the same for the sake of their own dream.
    Please, if you could make a sort of show with my son. The project will start on the 1st of October in New
    Thanks a lot

  3. Tressie Salazar says:

    12 days of winningstill off work with no pay. Major heart surgery with complications. Groceries meds diabetic. Bills accumulating. Not goingback for a long while will only beable to work 12 hrs a week due to health. No sob story just truth. No car any longer. Praying for a blessing.thanks for reading this.

  4. Kate Bowden . would love to get the medical treatment my husband needs to at least enjoy the rest of his life ... says:

    OPRAH, forgot about this since we are talking about a Dream can I get it in Alabama where I live , can’t drive well didn’t get my license until I was 30 , I had a best friend like you and Gail and she let me drive her car , to get them Thank you love you and Gail so much …

  5. Kate Bowden . would love to get the medical treatment my husband needs to at least enjoy the rest of his life ... says:

    OPRAH ,Watched you all my life , you truly are amazing , you are so passionate, you have blessed me through the years , if there is a women President I know you would run the world with great pride , you are a world Icon and a beautiful person in and out , I watched you religiously your dedication goes without bounds , you listen to people and give them wise advice, watched us both go up and down on weight , now 58 I am a chunky women and I would love a new makeover always wanted to do that, women of great taste …. Love you …

  6. Delroyedwards says:

    Thanks for your help. Hope my chance will come soon.

  7. eddie mendoza says:

    hi, my name is eddie mendoza and i ineed that money to start my life all over again i have no job right now my son and my daugther they never help me right now i live to my friend three months now i try to apply any kind of job but until now im still waiting.

  8. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    I would like to know when the result for the winner of the prized be released. I also wish that I could win it.

  9. julie dale gowers says:

    I would like to offer senior citizens a place to exercise , low cost. I have been teaching dance for 54 years and want to give back to the community in which I live.

    I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to do this on my own but feel that it is needed in my community and other communities and could become a franchise with some financial backer.

  10. Melissa Deal says:

    If I won I would get me and my kids a home and a cheap van with wheelchair lift for my niece I help take care of. I have 3 kids. 2 of my nieces kids. They dad passed. We make do.but it would be nice to have a home.we are staying with some.most of all my mana and daddy.got my 3 grandkids would get a nice home. A dream come try

  11. mary schultz says:

    Hello,my name is Mary and I would use the money to give a some to charity. then start a tea shop.sell teas from around the world also my dream is to add on to my home new bedrooms for my 5 children i have 9 children but 4 have moved and started there own lives.but yes my dream is to start tea shop

  12. Sally S. Boon says:

    Payoff my under-water mortgage so my 80 yrs old husband
    can continue to live in he home he loves and I can quit
    work at my age 80 also. So many to help. Just look around. My family, church and struggling folks. God Bless and Pray for 2016 to be a better year for us and so many others.

  13. michelle hasselson says:

    I would finally be able to build a home for senior to live like nomal people and not people who are waing to die
    a place where even the poorer seniors still live with the respect they deserve
    At the same time hiring the kids that no body else would hire. It would be a place for the kids that are living in the fields all around our town
    I know because I often take these kids into my home get them off drugs and help them to become productive adults. at any given time there are at least 40 of them living in make shift tents .They are the kids that parents have thrown them out and never taught them how to survive

  14. Anna Luckett says:

    Well if I win then I would pay off some of these high bills and try to get some repair done to my house . There is so much that I could do that will help me out of this bad shape that I’m now in .

  15. Walter Hall says:

    I win something

  16. Davema Beard says:

    I would finally be able to start my mother a foundation, who died of ovarian cancer 4 yrs. ago. And visit hospitals around the world with kids that suffer with cancer, and ease some of the burden from their parents. I always wanted to help others. I secretly pay for peoples gas, and grocery once a month,and I’m not even close to being wealthy. I just believe in helping others but wish I could do more for others that truly need a blessing….so, I would bless others, as you have blessed me. That is what I’m good at making other’s SMILE. God has me,ALWAYS!!!!! God Bless….

  17. linda shew says:

    If I won I would buy my son a new home so him and his daughter would have a safe place to lay their heads. He and his wife just got out of the military. And his wife is leaving him. And then buy him a new car or truck so they never break down. You see we have had a bad last year when my oldest son was shot and killed in a accident last year. And my other son brought a truck him and Terry Lee was going to fix up together and I would give him the money to finish the truck it’s a older truck. And I would buy a piece of land and a new home to put on it so myself and my husband could never lose our home and my grandkids would always have a place to come to.

  18. JoAnn Pilkinton says:

    I would had the money to search for my son, is about 30 years old now,but I had not seen him since, he was about 5 years old. I dream about seeing him. And then I,would go out to find my own home,I just want an 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms home. And maybe go on an nice vacation. But I just want to find my son,I really do want to find him. Thank you, Please help me.

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