pchbingo.com – PCH Bingo $1,000 Instant Win Jackpot


pchbingo.com – PCH Bingo $1,000 Instant Win. PchInstantBingo 2014 – Play PCH Instant Bingo and you could win instantly a $1,000 cash. You can play the Bingo Games at pchbingo.com and also at pchgames.com where PCH brought their popular Bingo games! A Bingo Instant Game offering huge ticket jackpots and chances to win more CASH prizes. A really addicting game to play for pleasure and real money. At pch games bingo you even have the chance to win more tokens with their special slots game you could find inside PCH Bingo.

The game is so fun to play and you can win the instant bingo prize of a $1,000 dollar cash or you could win their progressive Jackpot. And you know what? Every card you play earns you some extra chances to win bigger. Moreover, let say that you don’t win the instant cash prize, you will get anyway an entry for a chance to win some fantastic PCH sweepstakes prizes like $7,000 a Week for Life or $3,000,000.00 PCH Dream Home 2014. Don’t wait any longer it’s free and it’s fun!

pch bingo pchbingo.com   PCH Bingo $1,000 Instant Win Jackpot


What is the JACKPOT Balls?

Well, each time you play the Bingo instant game, you have the chance to collect the JACKPOT Balls to win a big cash prize! Indeed, you have to collect all the letters from the word JACKPOT and the prize can go up as high as $5,000 Dollar Cash.

Visit today PCH Bingo official website and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the game. Good luck!

While I’m writing this article, I was inform that over 20 people have won using PCH Instant Bingo this week alone. So the chances are there and you may be the next PCH Instant Bingo winner. Good luck!

PCH Bingo: http://bingo.pch.com/

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25 Responses to “pchbingo.com – PCH Bingo $1,000 Instant Win Jackpot”

  1. MJT says:

    Good Luck all I’ve been trying for over 45 years now Can’t even win $5 let alone a prize for life.. I tell my friends at 70 I’m still not old enough.. LOLOL
    As for that Bingo getting all the letters in “JACKPOT” Impossible until they put the Mysterious “O” which I’ve yet to see in all the time I’ve been playing this weeks game “AGAIN” on Wed. all I needed was the O Lost count on how many games I thought for sure this is it! This week I win! Yeah I keep on keeping on and hoping

  2. Karen Yardley says:

    ON June 28th I won the jackpot on Bingo, you replied congratulation and I was wondering when will I receive my money?

  3. Dante Wright says:

    I’m Praising God for the Supernatrual that he is about to do in my Life Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  4. Dante Wright says:

    It’s A New Season It’s A New Day I can’t wait for My New Prosperity from Publishers Clearing House to come My Way. Amen

  5. Dante Wright says:

    I’m Persistent Publishers Clearing House….Amen

  6. Virginia Adams says:

    I was having some difficulty trying to figure it out, hopefully this will now be part of my games by earning the credits daily, I was wondering how it works, I still wonder but hopefully I will get there now, Thank you All for the many different ways to play and the wonderful things about this – PCH games Free Online and Bingo

  7. MJT says:

    Please someone tell me If these games are for real or am I just an idiot for trying every single day Two times now in the Bingo Jackpot game I got a Bingo in 4 calls and today got a Bingo in 5 calls What Gives??

  8. kay wright says:

    I have enter these contest for over thirthy years and have never won but it is fun and gives you things to dream about Would love to win the drawing on June 30 I have 6 childrenand 16 grandchildren we could all use the money plus I am sure there are others out there we could help. Please draw my name for the big win God bless

  9. Carmen Mays says:

    It means everything to me to be a PCH sweepstakes winner. I have a lot of health issues. The money would help me with my back bills and my daughters college debts.

  10. sakhomcorona says:

    I want to win on june30 pch3080

  11. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes, yes, yes PCH!! I wanna, wanna Win ur $1,000.00 Instant Cash Games… (Instant Win Jackpot)!!! This would be Great!!! Pls activate…

  12. Grisel Claro says:

    Le pido a Dios me conceda el maravilloso sueno q seria. para mi ganar los $7,000.00 for life. Y a ustedes gracias por mantenerme con esa esperanza. Lo necesito mucho.

  13. Paula Lea Devine says:

    $7,000 a week for life!?!?!? & I’ve seen upgrades to that as well…The possibilities! Larger offerings at church on Sunday! Charity every which way! College for the grandkids. We need to call “The Olshan Man” to level our house & fix the cracks in our walls. AND, my newly retired husband not worrying about money… Now, THAT would be fantastic!!! PCH, come on down!!!

  14. Dante Wright says:

    Seeing the Winner from Last year Stephanie Gornichec LeRoy Faulks and Marilyn Ragin has made me more determine to Win this sweepstakes…Counting down the day’s that I can see the Elite Members of Prize Patrol in Mississippi…New Life New Beginning New Business AMEN 2014

  15. Dante Wright says:

    New Life New Beginning Ready to Go Down in Publishing Clearing House for 2014…See You Soon Elite Members of Prize Patrol Dave Sayer Todd Sloane and Danielle Larn. ..AMEN

  16. Dante Wright says:

    I know that is Not enough to give back to the Community but I can pay my Church tithing…Thank You JESUS for Publishing Clearing House for this Golden opportunity I can bypass anything…I am proud to be an American words can’t express how much I am TRULY Grateful…Elite Members ready to see you All in Mississippi I am determine …New Life New Beginning New Business AMEN

  17. Dante Wright says:

    I am ready to WIN!!!!Thank You JESUS for having a Publishing Clearing House…this is a Golden opportunity for me I am so so grateful to be able to entering into this sweepstakes…I am proud to an American I am ready to Win…I Happy to be HERE…see The Elite Members on the otherside…AMEN

  18. Dante Wright says:

    I am trying NOT to miss anything All of the sweepstakes are Golden opportunity…I am ready to Win Publishing Clearing House Amen

  19. dante wright says:

    Jackpot wow can’t pass up anything let the count down begin. ..someone life will for ever change in this month this is a golden opportunity of a lifetime. ..thank you publishing clearing house AMEN

  20. Alejandro Lopez says:

    I want to win $7,000.00 every WEek for life

  21. Juan Jose Gonzalez says:

    Ganar $7,000.00 a week for life!on April 30th early look event PCH GWY No.3080 pch.com

  22. MaryPhillips says:


  23. MaryPhillips says:


  24. Robert c Rodriguez says:

    I am a happy camper i just want to win i have cold am sick i need to lay down . get some rest. i want to publisher clearing house . i am sorry but the rest for a day please.

  25. Brenda Liz Martinez says:

    I want to win every week for ever pch

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