Mega Million lottery jackpot


Mega Million lottery jackpot – www mega millions com offers persons who participate in its jack pot games the chances of winning various cash prizes ranging from 12 million dollars upwards and various prizes worth $ 2 to $ 250, 000. The lottery company allocates around 35% of the profits from the lottery towards financing of various development activities in the respective U.S. states.

Each mega ticket costs 1 US dollar and can only be played once. To play the lottery, you are given two sets of numbers and you are required to pick six numbers from those two sets; you are also required to select five dissimilar numbers between 1 and 56 and a single number between 1 and 46. During the draws, a winning number is usually selected randomly and you win if your selection is similar to the winning numbers.

The mega millions lottery jackpot is currently available and can be played in 43 U.S states and online over the internet. Gambling may become addictive to a player and Mega Millions encourages people to play the game in a responsible manner though professional sweepers can play as many times as they want.

If in draw there is no winning number, this is referred to as a spoil and the jackpot winning prize for that draw will be forwarded and received by whoever wins in the subsequent draw. There may consecutive spoils and the ultimate winner may win a very huge sum of money from the accumulated spoils and the amount won.

Mathematic and lottery suggests that only one person from a pool of 175 million to 176 million mega million tickets buyers has the probability of producing the winning combination numbers; You should play the game with this in mind. Just play to try your luck and do not be over confident or over optimistic of a win.

Mega millions has introduced email alerts of the results and any news about the lottery and you can sign up at the players centre in the Mega millions lottery jackpot website to be immediately updated on mega millions news.

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  2. Jose Cervantes says:

    Dear SR I’m Claiming the Mega Millions lottery Jackpot of $300 and also the $400 million from the Mega million lottery on 12/10/13, and the power ball jackpot on 12/10/13. Thank you have a great Easter holiday. Jose Cervantes

  3. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Lord I need your HELP!!! Pls help me win this sweepstakes, this would beba Great Blessing…. — MegaMillionJackpot

  4. myles daniels says:

    Im just gonna keep on playing maybe one day pch will be at my door if god wills – Mega Millions Lottery

  5. iris campbell says:

    Dear sir, Im claiming the megamillion Lottery, will win MegaMillion Jackpot today. Im also, claiming the PowerBall Lottery Jackpot at $300 million dollars. Please and thank you. Also, asking for Dec. 01, 2012 Lottery. Thank You. Hurry now i want to be the next powerball winner. Thanks, Happy Holiday, Iris V. Campbell.

  6. foresteen walker says:

    Good luck to All (smile)

  7. Cynthia Baker says:

    Wouldn’t mind winning that

  8. Sarah Aholelei says:

    Just got a phone call regarding this mega millions sweepstake saying I won millions. Sounded like a scam saying I had to western union some money to a man named Mr. Arthur Long in Jacksonville Florida. They called me from a number listed in Jamaica… Fishy not going to do it. wanted to let you know people are doing this. 480-892-5512

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