Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?

Many people have this question: Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes? Publisher’s Clearing House has been around for years, and it the premier sweepstakes program out there. PCH also offers some great products, and they are notorious for their televised visits to the winners’ homes with a balloons, a bottle of champagne, a big check and a knock at the door… there’s no purchase necessary, do you wonder why PCH include merchandise and magazine order forms with their sweepstakes prize entry opportunities? So do you have to buy anything to enter the sweepstakes of Publishing Clearing House? The short answer is no, you do not. Learn more about it below.

You don't have to buy Anything

PCH No Purchase Necessary

Publishers Clearing House is a multi-channel marketer and they make their money through the sale of magazines and merchandise. PCH dedicated merchandising and product buying staff works very hard to find the kind of products that customers want at prices they can afford.  Anyone can enter the PCH sweepstakes, and you never have to buy a thing. However, you will be presented with plenty of options and offers that you could agree to accept or not. Furthermore, many people believe that the winners are people who buy something. There is no evidence that this is true. PCH would never say this, for sure. And, it doesn’t seem fair if people are allowed to enter but not win unless they purchase something. But, it sure does seem like a great marketing tactic. Many people find themselves ordering something anyway, but this is because they find the product interesting. But, then there are those that say order a magazine, while others purchase many things. So would the one who makes the most purchases be favored? No, Having explored all of the talk behind the scenes, the answer appears to be not only do you not have to purchase anything to enter the sweepstakes, but you have just as much chance of winning as everyone else.

As stated on PCH Official Blog: “The customers that do choose to buy… …which is used to fund PCH famous sweepstakes and run their business. That includes paying the 400 people that work at Publishers Clearing House, maintaining the building they work in and paying outside vendors to help them build the company we all know and love. Plus the profits are distributed to the owners of Publishers Clearing House and due to their ownership structure of the company, there’s over 40% of the profits of PCH that goes directly to the benefit of charity foundations and charitable trusts.”

So if you’re one of those people who like to enter sweepstakes for free, and you’re looking for a reputable sweepstakes, this is as good as it gets. You might as well give it a shot because they might be knocking on your door next. What have you got to lose? And, you might end up purchasing something anyway. They make it easy, and they have some pretty cool stuff for sale, that’s for sure. Try it! It’s FREE… You might be interested to read about their latest sweepstakes… Follow this link to learn more about – NEW 5000 a week forever  Good luck!

Publishing Clearing House or PCH is a direct marketing company that sells online products and offer magazine subscriptions at for the Publishers Clearing House Shop Online. PCH also manages sweepstakes cash game prizes, search engine and win, lottery and game websites (

PCH Sweepstakes: Win $10,000 A Week For Life



116 Responses to “Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?”

  1. Sarah Darnell says:

    No you don’t have to buy anything to enter, but i always want to. I love to play the PCH games and play
    the lotto, so much fun. it isn’t everyday you get a chance to win big, it is so easy.i feel i will win.
    i have dreams about it. if it were to happen and i win
    big, i’d help my family, then myself. i have a good friend that needs help, the most important thing in life is people, so share ………………..

  2. andy rodriguez says:


  3. andy rodriguez says:

    ok hope I win something haven’t won nothing here not even 5$ so if I don’t make it I will just go play some games it gets tireing joining and the odds say I should win SOMETHING HUH ??

  4. Sarah Darnell says:

    Well I didn’t win Oct. 21st like I thought. oh well I’ll keep trying. and of course you don’t have to buy anything, to enter but I always do. I always find something I just have to have…..some of my favorite things are from pch. My mind is set to win, and by god I will. you just watch…………………………………………….

  5. James Shelton says:

    Yes confirm

  6. theodore west says:

    I need to obtain an lifetime prize number for the PCH $10,000.00 a week for life sweep stakes drawing on december 23,2016

  7. Mrs. Burgos says:

    I would pay all debts. Good luck everyone!

  8. Joseph agibinik says:

    I would love to win ten thousand dollars a week for the rest of my life thank you pch

  9. Charles H. Nelson jr. says:

    I’m a Baltimore City Police officer retired, along with 15 years in the U.S.Navy.If I where to win I could finally retirement and take better care of my health and family. Putting green money away so my daughter could go to rain Surgery school and become a Great Female doctor.Thank you.

  10. Maureen Farrell says:

    If I win PCH’s $10,000 a week sweeps, I will be able to help family and friends that struggle to make ends meet, plus charities that’d really welcome/need big donations. Plus, I’m retired, on a limited income, and I babysit my 2 grandsons 40 hours a week (for no pay, just as my parents did for me, taking care of my daughter while I worked). The $10,000 would be a huge blessing. Thank you!

  11. Sandra Mckinney says:

    Hi still hanging on it is so hard to do this and do other things house a lot of doctors appts I am getting tired . But I keep coming back for more I hoping soon I will be able to pay off a lot of money in dep’t.. Would love to buy a home and relax . LOve to be able to see the world we live in because I can”t fly due to dvt”s and oxagen and ray have ibs and crones dease .we could buy a camper to travel in.

    Thank you for listen, bless all to me #6900 10/16/16

  12. Violet Nelson says:

    I am not sure what to do to activate my entry . It is confusing when I do the search . When checking the different thing I don’t seam to get anywhere . I would love to win a PCH contest but I am having problems with it . I have not won any contest anywhere.

  13. Sarah Darnell says:

    I will win 10,000.00 for ever I will not stop till I do. 3nd. entry because I want to win……….Thanks.

  14. Vikki Ovchinnikov says:

    This Is Such A Mind Blowing Joke No Buying Yet They Put 4 Pages To Buy,And Magazines Really I Been Doing This For Year’s They Even Don’t Give You Token’s You Get,I Came So Many Times To Win Money Rigged Am Better Play The Game With My Apps On Computer.I Was A Winner In 8/31/16 No Joke Games Buy Buy YOU A Winner E-MAIL PCH Changes month’s later SCAM.

  15. Douglas Blumenschein says:


  16. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  17. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  18. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  19. Luann Reniska says:

    PCH & everyone in Texas as well as all over the country. First the weather guys are calling for more rain in Texas, or as we say if ya don’t like the weather wait a minute cause it’ll change. So please keep a close eye on your weather no matter where you live.
    But if i were to win it all i can honestly say this and put my right hand to god and swear that everyone will be helped because of the following. I will not only print and mail out for free a very helpful book to everyone, but i will also sit down and write checks to the agencies that help people out every month, so they can keep helping out more people. As well as Toy for toys because i have done a great many of there runs and it is so sad when you see only 2 and 5 bikes show up for the kids. The kids can’t help that they were dealt the life they were, and that the crowd didn’t show up to help the kids out. This is why the Toy for Tots is close to my heart and why i donate all money i made for the benefit.
    But there are websites, and phone numbers ya’ll will really be shocked of. Ya see i’m also a nurse that comes from a huge medical family as well and i knew that if i didn’t put this together now, it would of never been done.

  20. Jesse fairley says:

    Yes want to be the next winner on june30th

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