5 ways to find the best sweepstakes

Every day thousands of companies offer giveaways and sweepstakes. By knowing where to look, you can ensure that you are able to find the best sweepstakes. Thus increasing you chance to win more contests online. If you’re in the field of entering sweepstakes online as I am, you know that more you enter, more you have chances to win. So here is the list of places to look.


There are many different types of blogs on the Internet. Many bloggers offer prizes for comments or shares. You can increase your odds of winning by following a variety of blogs. Additionally, there are blogs that specialize in sweepstakes. Bloggers search out and find the best sweepstakes available. Also, read the comments on each blog daily. Many times, readers will post information about additional sweepstakes available.


One of the best sources to find sweepstakes is to sign up for sweepstakes newsletters. These newsletters are generally sent to your email on a weekly basis. Signing up for a couple of newsletters will ensure that you know where you can enter the best sweepstakes.


There are many online forums dedicated to sweepstakes. Join a couple of different sweepstakes forums to get the best advice to help you win. There will be many tips, suggestions and sweepstakes listed on these forums. Search the Internet and find a couple of forums where you feel comfortable posting on and begin learning everything you can about sweepstakes.

Social Media

Social media is fast becoming one of the best ways for sweepstakers to enter for cash and prizes. Many companies have social media pages where they offer prizes for sharing their information with others. Additionally, many bloggers use social media to increase their readership by offering sweepstakes and giveaways.

Google Alert

Google Alerts is a free service offered by Google that allows you to effortlessly watch on what is happening on the Internet. In fact, a Google Alert is simply an internet search you normally would via Google Search. For new Sweepstakes, Google can send you a notice every time it finds your search term that you have set (ex: car sweepstakes or PCH sweepstakes) They will send the result to an email address that you specify.

By learning where to find the best sweepstakes, you can increase your odds of winning. Use the tips above to search out where to enter sweepstakes along with getting advice on how to increase your chances of winning one of the many giveaways offered daily.

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