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PCH – Only a lucky group of people gets to see in the real-time the winning prizes from PCH. The PCH Prize Patrol travels across the country carrying a PCH big check, roses, champagne and balloons for the Publishers Clearing House Winners. They are many PCH Fans out there that are waiting the big day for the Big Check and they know what is the PCH Prize Patrol. If you have never heard about the prize patrol before, you might be wondering What is it? Publishers clearinghouse has attained a great reputation for offering prizes worth millions. Millions across the world try their luck for the prize power offered by the publishers clearing house. Even though most employees working at the PCH want to be part of the patrol, only a selected group called as the prize patrol elite delivers the super prizes.

PCH Prize Patrol PCH Winners

PCH Prize Patrol

PCH provides the opportunity for you to win prizes each time you carry out a search. You have to visit PCH.com in order to search for information. The website pchsearch.com combines the list of both Yahoo, Bing and Google. However, publishers clearing house has added a winning twist into the search list. You can also be eligible for the power prize of publishers clearing house. Apart from this, you also have the chance to win daily prizes. There are many ways through which you can enter into the contest conducted by PCH. New PCH Sweepstakes: PCH Win It All Sweepstakes

The PCH prize patrol team arrives to deliver the prize in person when you win a prize. They bring along with them a big check, balloons, camera, flowers and drinks. The team has established a good connection across the nation, due to their regular travel itinerary. They use their resources to find your location and deliver the prize. This is fascinating and real. Now that you have obtained the answer for What is PCH prize patrol, it is time for you to participate and try out your luck. PCH Sweepstakes: PCH.com Win It All

PCH Prize Patrol Today

PCH Prize Patrol Today

Visiting the official website – www.pch.com is helpful in locating the application forms, conditions and other means to enter the competition. You can even win prizes daily either by searching for information or by playing games. If you have won a game or lucky to be part of the price power team, the PCH prize patrol group visits your house to deliver the check and celebrate the occasion. PCH is finding numerous ways to award the prizes to the winners in an entertaining way. The prize patrol team: Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane and Dave Sayer travels across the country regularly to build up and maintain the excitement in participants. You could be the next lucky winner to win a handsome amount as a prize.


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  1. Terry Dupeire says:

    I want to claim sole ownership for gwy 11000. 7,000 a week for life and 3 major prizes. I want to claim sole ownership for super prize number. Prize Patrol please come to my house.


    I am in the red zone imminent $7,000.00 a week for life activate 01805541966

  3. Theresa says:

    Hello im here to claim my entry and prize of the 7,000.00 a week for life 4/27/2018 number 11000 God Blesd

  4. mark lasker says:

    i need this money to fix up my wheel chair van and to fix up my house to make it wheel chair I need this money to help me live a better life and to help me take care of my son because i should be taking care of him and not him taking car of me I moved my sister in with me to help me

  5. Brenda says:

    Dear PCH,Thank you so m much for everything. I am not use what I have won or not more not than have but I thank you for everything I hardly know what to claim or tag I do not like trying fo r things others have wanted but some I have Than you Everyone I tag the sizes claim them and ask PCH to activate any I have won . Brenda Carlton

  6. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    PCH Search. & Win, Final step Notice, Please activate my entry I claim my Prize Number on the Winner Selection list I respond a timely the final step. $5.000.00 A Week “Forever” winner selection list is all takes to get for the huge on Feb.23rd prize award, only those with Prize number on the winner selection list of a series of draw for the PCH Gwy 8800 a Forever prize, if I win I receive $5.000.00 a week for the rest of my life and after that those same weekly lifetime payments will continue onto someone special beneficiary of my choice. Thanks.

  7. Gerald Elledge says:

    I’m looking really excited to finally meet you folks.The wife keeps after me to give it up,but I can’t do it. I just no that day will finally happen. So come to my house,I’ll show you what excited looks like.

  8. Siesia Ponitini says:

    Look forward to meeting with the Prize Patrol and receiving from them the big check, flowers, goodies, and the smiles.

  9. brenda haskins says:

    i thank you pch i really want too win so much well happy hoildays pch it was fun play the great games please i want claim 2.6 million 5000.00 a week for life and new car thank you.2.6 million i still made vip pch

  10. RUTH SUMMERS. says:



    Why do I have my request all the way back to November 15th ?

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