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Do you enjoy winning prizes? Have you ever try to play for money online cash sweepstakes and contests? Like PCH Game or others! There are many different cash marketing promotion online you may like. Generally, you register at the sweepstakes and contests site and then put in your entry. General information like your name, address and phone number. Registering is easy and takes only a minute or two of your time. You will find that most of the time it is totally free. If you like winning this may be your ticket. If you are looking for a way to win money, you should consider play for money online cash sweepstakes and contests. They are the perfect way to make your dreams come true by filling up your bank account with your winnings. When you take part in online cash sweepstakes, it is best to enter each and every day. This is the best way to maximize the chance you have of becoming a big winner of online cash sweepstakes.

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Along with playing for money online cash sweepstakes and contests, you should also try to win other prizes. Do you like traveling? You can find opportunities to win vacation packages that are quite luxurious. These packages are generally vacations for two or four and to a very popular city. You will have your hotel, airfare and food paid for you and you may even get spending money. No matter where you like to travel or what your interest are, you should be able to find sweepstakes that fit your personality. Do you like the beach? Do you enjoy big cities? Maybe you want to take a cruise.

Find the best sweepstakes site that has contest that interest you. You may even choose to sign up with a few sites. Most of these sites are easy to use and have tracking tools so you can keep up with which contests you have entered. These sites make winning money, vacations and many other things super easy.



47 Responses to “Play for Money Online Cash Sweepstakes Contests”

  1. David Garcia Jr. says:

    Hope to win this forever giveaway it kind of crazy. So many emails. Good luck to everyone else. #900

  2. turgeraye gales says:

    I wonld like to win 10,000.00 a week for life to pay my bill and help other.

  3. steve adair says:

    Fishing for life thanks.

  4. steve adair says:

    Thank god.

  5. Forrest Stitch says:

    I just added this weblog to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!

  6. Kathleen Tindell says:

    Want to activate my entry and confirmedd $5,000.00 AWeek “Forever ” now and the Prize Partol at my Door February 26 th ❗️❗️❗️

  7. Rico Saldivar says:

    Hey there PCH! If I can only be so lucky to win! Any how, goodluck to everyone!

  8. M.Gonzalez says:

    Hope winning time is near, feel it in my bones…..Good luck to EVERYONE & May your Spirit Burn Brite!!

  9. Carole States says:

    I am totaly in the dark. What the heck happened to what I wrote before

  10. Carole States says:

    When is the deadline for 4900- $3Million Dream Home – 2015. Do they give you a tax form at the time you receive a large a mount such as the $3million . I would prefer to get a lump sum just for that reason, get the. Taxes out of the way immediately so you will know exactly what you have to work with . Are Limp-sum offers the way to go?

  11. louis grimes says:

    I would like to be the winner of the grand prize sweepstakes, it would be great.

  12. Mamavi Sylvain ATTIGLAH says:

    i have no comment

  13. Rickey Evanoff says:


  14. Patricia rodriguez says:

    it would be nice to win and I’m thankful to PCH for this opportunity all I can do is try to do the best I can to my knowledgeso thank you PCH for giving me the opportunity thank you very much

  15. Coleen Woods says:

    Act now and enter to be the lucky winner for a guaranteed $5,OOO.OO A Week “Forever” Prize from PCH Gwy. No. 3O8O on February 27th! PublishersClearingHouse PCHSearch&Win

  16. Brenda Carlton says:

    Hi PCH I want to win a Million Dollars Please I . Do I want to win . I need the money justice everyone that is playing to be honest and I am coming here to tell you how have much I want to win. So drag out the pots and pans I will beat on them until the hogs come home. I want to win.
    Brenda Carlton

  17. Yolanda Smith says:

    I never really believed anyone ever won on PCH…
    Boy I had eat those words..I won 500 on a instant Winn game ..I thought it was a joke…till two an a half weeks later…I got the check in the Mail..o know it wasn’t the big one…but it sure changed ny mind about ..I play every day as many times as I can…I’m a faithful PCH fan..An just maybe one day …PCH will be knocking on my door..with a big check .with my name on it….what a nice Dream …I pray someday will come true….until then their stuck with me….
    Hear that PCH,,lol


  18. Maurice. Lewis says:

    I’ve done my best and entered it all change address to ******@ Maurice. Lewis
    I’m a. Marine with no way to support my wife. Honorably
    Discharged. Sregant M Lewis USMC

  19. Caroline Himes says:

    Pch I’m hoping to win I have been trying all day and have been all over the place pch can I ask where are you ??? Caroline Himes hoping go much that you will come toy home PLEASE

  20. Joyce Boudreaux says:

    I would love t win $10,000 a week for life on November 25th PCH GWY # 4900 .

  21. Candance Chambers says:

    I want to win an by winning it would change my entire life and help me to start over fresh and pay all my debts off and then purchase our own home and furnish it with new furniture an get beds for all the children an new clothes thats needed think go on a our dream trip to disney world an sea world.

  22. Candance Chambers says:

    Good after noon prize team its sept.11th and I am entering in to win and I want to win and really need to win so I can get out of under all this debt an to purchase my own home an feel free for once..

  23. Candance Chambers says:

    I really want to win the 250,000.00 in cash an the 5,000.00 will change my life for the better an my children an I could finally get out of debt for good..please come an suprise me.

  24. Candance Chambers says:

    I want to win the 250,000. In cash an the 5,000.00 every week so I can move into my dream home an be able to furnish it and I can finally pay all my debts off an clean my record up an pay off everyone I owe finally..this money would chang my life for ever.

  25. Candance Chambers says:

    Hi prize patrol team I want to win the 11 million dollars so I can purchase my dream home an I could go on my trip I always dreamed of going an thats to disney world an then I could pay off all my debts an take 2of my children to the dentist an finally get their teeth fixedcause insurance wouldnt cover it an I didnt have 4,000.00 for both to get that done .I really want to win.

  26. RICKEY EVANOFF says:

    Yes I would love to win dream life prize two million a year ten thousand a month a new car plus ues

  27. ashley lafayette says:

    If I dont win im delete ing this because I dont have time for games

  28. walter heard says:

    I want to win the the pchsearch&win prize on May 30 my name is Walter Heard

  29. miyona sturdivant says:

    Giveaway 1830 7000.00 a week for life

  30. Ricardo Vinas says:

    Ian Ricardo vinas adoring winnings to 7.000.00 for life winnings for you good luck to them people wishes for the people contest good lucky OK wishes to the winner April 25/2014 time 6:11am easterntime

  31. karen borquez says:

    please I want to win the 7,000 a week for life, I would like to hear back on my winning.

  32. irma says:

    I wanna be blessed with 7.000.00 a week for life and can blessed for my children andhomeless and people and need.

  33. irma says:

    i want to be a big winner for the 7.000.00 a week for life that would be a big blessed and i can be a blessing to homeless people and people in need.

  34. samantha gallegos says:

    Hi still trying win the big 7000 week for life sweepstakes we just got to win I know I have lots of things to do wit that money wit my daughter and help also and when I go to this challenge I know ill find god better for my family and the world so hopefully ill win

  35. Yvette Hinds says:

    I’d love to win a prize from PCH

  36. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 3080 feb 28th so I can party with my famliy

  37. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 3080 feb 28th

  38. Caroline himes says:

    7000 a week for life, please pick me tonight ok I have been trying for ever to win this, pch, Todd, Dave, Danielle, I’m ready to in, right now, please ! Caroline Himes I truly need this win OK and for the rest of my life I will thank you ad show you why! Caroline Himes

  39. Caroline himes says:

    I’m ready to win 5000 a week fr life from pch

  40. kenneth lucas says:

    Givaway 1830 7,000,00 A week for life

  41. kenneth lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 so i can find a house house that i can buy not rent they just sold the house i was renting. All i want to do is fix my life so i can help others to make donations. Have fun then live life the at the fullist
    GIVAWAY 1830 7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE

  42. kenneth lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 so i can find a house house that i can buy not rent they just sold the house i was renting. All i want to do is fix my life so i can help others to make donations. Have fun then live life the at the fullist

  43. sheri barton says:

    I play every day since 2008

  44. Tony Gallant says:

    I have tried to the best I known how to get the PRIZE and I just can’t find the answer. It’s 11:45 PM Sept 26th. I’m not giving up for anything! I just wanted to use this time to think and ask Godfor time to listen. That’s the hard part! Thanks Sincerely Tony Gallant P.S. I pray for the PRIZES and friend’s with God’s help power, and love. Thanks!

  45. dwayne dixon says:

    I want to be THE Big WINNER for $7000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! ON NOVEMBER 26TH !

  46. Luann Reniska says:

    Glad to see they are trying to change somethings for the better. Luann

  47. Michael Burkett says:

    I like to hear back on my winnings

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