Promotion sweepstakes via ads on Mobile Phone can have a huge impact on a Business strategy.

Advertising Opportunities! Almost 90% of people in the world owns a mobile phone, regardless of their network provider, its features or capabilities. Mobile phone advertising and ads sent to cell phones, not a day goes by when one does not receive a message from an unusual number reminding them of a discount in a store or restaurant and also of a number of offers that the source business has on the table. They may sometimes be frustrating, but it would be a lie if anyone said that they did not benefit at least once from these messages. Mobile phone advertising is rapidly taking over the turf that radio, print and television once ruled. It is actually giving online advertising a run for its money and this is because of the short messages and the speed at which they can reach the recipient no matter their location this is mobile marketing effectiveness.

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Promotion sweepstakes via advertisement on Mobile Phone can have a huge impact on a Business marketing strategy.  Sweepstakes and contests have been around for a long time. Promotion Sweepstakes Companies like PCH (Publishers Clearing House) has already jumped on board with their PCH Mobile Application with great Mobile games to win great prizes!. At first it was mail sweepstakes, radio sweepstakes, then online sweepstakes, then social media sweepstakes like Facebook Apps Sweepstakes and today mobile phone promotion sweepstakes. Sweepstakes and other marketing promotions, are a great way to motivate customers and fans to your brand, your offer or website. It’s a huge launcher for your new product and can go viral instantly.

One of the first things that succeeded thanks to the world of mobile phone advertising was ringtone and mobile media companies. Back then when the default ringtones and images that came with the phone was the best one could do, the era of ringtones and wallpapers came to be. Network providers would partner up with various companies and provide these phone personality changers to their customers and all one had to do was send a given code to an assigned number and you had your favorite song or celebrity image on your phone. With the age of downloading songs, videos and pictures from a computer or from someone else’s phone came along, other business saw this as an opportunity to market their products and services.

Since then, mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and Nokia have clubs that genuine phone owners could join. One could then receive messages and calls about new products, free tickets and other gifts to exclusive spots like restaurants and even shopping malls. Soon, one could join clubs at various companies and they would receive first news about any new developments as well as free goodies.

Mobile phone advertising is advantageous in that one can carry that message around and show it to the given business to claim the free gifts and offers. It is also possible to receive messages be it on the train or even in a park because you do not need to be logged in to anything to receive these advertisements. This is also a great way for budding businesses to peak interest from the public about their goods and services and one can also show these messages to colleagues and this brings in more customers.

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