Surveys online: the pros and cons

You have probably heard about online surveys before, and maybe have even tried one. The reality is this, there is no way of telling if the guy that had just completed the survey was honest and didn’t just answer randomly in order to finish as soon as possible. So, if you are thinking about paying for online surveys, there are certainly a couple of things that you should be aware of.

First thing and probably the most important, online surveys are definitely cheaper than actually paying a group of people to complete the surveys in the street. Also, because everything works online and the person knows whether or not they want to complete the survey, everything works a lot faster. The final benefit of surveys online is the fact that the results can be seen a lot faster. There is no need for someone to stay and count the answers for one column and then do it all over again for each of the other answer options. After you have the needed number of surveys you can easily click a button and the results will be in front of your eyes instantly.

And now for the cons of surveys online. You can’t tell if the person that just completed the survey was honest or not. This is a problem that might void all the results because they might be inconsistent. This can’t be avoided in any way because you will never be able to see who the person and to test the validity of their answers. Also, while it might be cheaper compared to the real life survey, the online surveys cost a fair bit of money as well, and if you have to void the results, you are left with nothing. Basically, the general con of the surveys online choice is that you have to understand the risks. If the results are really important, such as being used in the development of a new product, you should try finding the best online survey company to do the job properly.

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