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Ads – $1,000 Wal-Mart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes. The key objective of every customer satisfaction survey is to find and show the company ways to improve. This is marketing strategy at his best with survey prizes giveaway. Survey walmart com is the official URL address of WalMart Survey Sweepstakes Gift Cards. How to Participate? Easy! You only have to complete a questionnaire about you appreciation of Wal Mart stores. This survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. For your time, you will be entered in a drawing for one of five $1,000 Wal-Mart shopping cards!

For more details on the sweepstakes rules, regulations, and prizes go to http www survey walmart com and follow the links to the official rules. Those Survey seems to be really popular right now! In order to help businesses get proper feedback from their customers there are online customer satisfaction survey where people by completing theses short surveys can win some great cash prizes. or  Keep in touch with this site and I will try to get you more of those kinds of money sweepstakes by writing about them on my future posts www survey walmart com. Those online surveys are becoming more and more popular.

www com www survey walmart com   $1,000 WalMart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes

Walmart Survey Sweepstakes Prizes:
Five (5) Grand Prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Walmart gift card in the amount of $1,000. Total retail value of all prizes to be awarded is $5,000.

Big companies like this American multinational retailer corporation invest management time to conduct online surveys that are essential to their business. One way to be sure that customers take time to answer questions about their recent shopping experience, companies like Walmart come with an incentive like a sweepstakes. And here at Online Sweepstakes and Contests we love sweepstakes. More survey sweepstakes to come. Have a nice day!


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115 Responses to “www survey walmart com – $1,000 WalMart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes”

  1. Michael Holm says:

    Right on Kim Copeland! My post was getting a bit long but I had a lot more to say,you covered some of it.

  2. Michael Holm says:

    Some people seem to be easily satisfied.Either that or Walmart management is posting here.Yeah they have SOME cheap prices But it seems to me that since they went to super stores the quality of product has gone down, & selection has decreased (how do you build a bigger store and end up with fewer consumer choices)In my local store they did name grocery store a huge remodel(that was a very large inconvenience)to expand the number of registers only to have a very few manned with huge lines waiting to check out and you see a manager standing by an unmanned lane watching the customers grumbling amongst themselves about bad service but yet doesn’t even open the lane he’s standing in to speed things up just stands there watching.I worked at a big name grocery store and that wouldn’t fly.When you get a back up you call someone up and open more registers.Period.You can’t get any decent assistance nobody knows anything.Long waits to get anyone to help you in any specific dept.I once spent 1 1/2 hours trying to find bed risers only to be told I would have to go online and search for bed risers and get UPC number and return to store so they could use UPC to check inventory.I don’t believe that any manager that gives that answer to a customer should have a job.My opinion WORST management in all retail bar none.And don’t even get me going on their groceries.Packaged products ok some good price others not but the way worst meat I’ve ever tried I like my meat coming from the USA not Australia or some such place.Old man Walton would be mortified to find his name linked with this super giant that doesn’t care about their customer base only about large volume sales and profits profits profits.

  3. Miosotis rodriguez says:

    Me and my family love walmart

  4. Patricia Hearns says:

    I often shop at Walmart and recently bought towels for the bathroom at the Supercentre. I have always been happy with my purchases and will continue to shop at Walmart. I am 81 years of age. Thank you Patricia Hearns London Ontario, Canada.

  5. darlene wenger says:

    I am elderly and require a power chair to get around. I like going to walmart because it is easy to get around, the merchandise is always displayed nicely, the grocery department always has what I need, and the staff is always there to help me when I can’t find or get what I want. I think of Walmart as a blessing for people like me.

  6. kim copeland says:

    I agree with Bruce Griffis, May 18, 2013, I think you need a new manager training program or use more experienced or educated people to the job. Empty shelves, 2 weeks wait for fast moving items, long lines due to shortage of cashiers just to name a few, tells me that high up managers need to visit the stores on a unannounced surveillance of the stores. I get so frusterated almost every time I go to the Petal, Ms. store. Guess being retired from management positions lets me see the faults and problems.Hope you will try to correct your problems instead of counting your profits. We do have other places to shop.

  7. Marcus says:

    www survey walmart com $1,000 WalMart Survey. Bought some stuff at walmart today. This address was written on the receipt for sweepstakes. Hope I win the thousand dollar sweepstakes from walmart. Thanks

  8. chuck Griffis says:

    Older and continual comments! in my participation in walmart surveys, of which the odds of winning anything is quite remote. well, i guess i will keep on trying. now for the serious stuff… i have continually stated that your stock control sucks; empty shelves, partially loaded shelves, the management doesn’t seem to have an answer to the dilemma. is it walmart has become so big and complacent that it really doesn’t matter, that “the price is right” so we are compelled to buy your products. I bet old sam walton would have a fit if he knew how top management is so complacent.


    I do 90% of my grocery shopping at walmart because they always have what i need and the price is always good. WalmartSurvey

  10. w runke says:

    Yes it was a good shopping day at walmart we did it two times, forgot the paper for the bathroom.

  11. lela flores says:

    I like to shop at WalMart because of the variety of merchandise and the availability of products. If there is a problem the employees and management will do their best to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

  12. lela flores says:

    I like WalMart because if you purchase or receive an item and are not completely satisfied they will exchange it or refund your purchase price. They do all that is necessary to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

  13. James Mac Donald says:

    I Won a $1000.00 Gift card on Facebook .com on
    Dec. 5th 2012. When do I receive it.
    Weymouth ******

  14. sandra carter says:

    I would like to thank the workers at the vision center for ajob well done.refering to the workers atwalmart vision center north augusta.

  15. Corinna says:

    I entered the walmart survey sweepstakes about 1 1/2 ago and havent heard anything yet, they said they drawl names every 3 months . hope , i win because it would be nice

  16. Virgie Cook says:

    I have been a Wal- Mart shopper since 1975,here in my home area Wal- Mart has the lowest prices and it is one stop shopping. with this heat and high gas prices you can’t beat Wal- Mart. Thank you

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