Roboform online software to enter sweepstakes

One of the most indispensable tools for anybody who is into sweepstakes is that of Roboform. This is important software that helps you to easily enter the sweepstakes. In terms of description it is form filling program that allows you to enter information about yourself into entry forms just by the click of a mouse. What it does is that it saves the passwords which you use to enter the varying sweepstakes in order for you to remember later on. Also Roboform online software would save the entry forms of all preferences that are pre-filled. This is a system that lets you to store information for every family member.

It would interest you to know that the Roboform for sweepstakes eliminates one of the hardest parts of entering the online sweepstakes which is the typing of your personal details into the entry forms over and over again. It is a perfect solution to this problem on any day. It comes with a simple interface that would let you enter the information with the click of the mouse. This means the saving of lots of energy and money and you can enter a lot more of the sweepstakes than normal.

The good thing about this is the fact that you can save information for different kinds of people. For those who have many people who seep in the home, you would be able to use this program o store information for separate people. What this means is that each person can easily and quickly enter different sweepstakes. Moreover you can enter all these information in varying situation like your work and home address.

The basic software is free for you to download. But you would have to consider upgrading this basic one to professional after you have tried it out. For your information the one-ff fee is very much reasonable as it is just $30. Also you would be getting access to infinite identities, advanced features and saved forms. In spite of all these the only limitation of using the Roboform is that some of the sweepstakes would prevent entry with any aid for form filling.

Indeed even though the Roboform does not normally fall under the designation of automatic entry, you must not make use of the software to enter when the rules of sweepstakes need manual keystrokes or manual entry. The Roboform online does not also work with the flash sweepstakes.

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  1. Thanks again for your help and support I have to get back to the game…

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  3. Does this software still useful to enter sweepstakes these days. I heard that some sites ban those kind of software????

  4. I have personally been using RoboForm for years and find it very user friendly while making all of my other web-related tasks easier. With the newer RoboForm Everywhere license I can also use RoboForm with all of my other devices like my phone and iPad.

  5. I love using RoboForm to enter Sweepstakes. It makes me life so much easier and I have saved countless hours of times by clicking one button to fill a form!


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