What If I win a car, do I have to pay the Taxes?


Do you have to pay taxes on a winning prize? Making money through sweepstakes is not just restricted to a few fast bucks alone. Sometimes it could be big jackpots too. Even though it is quite rare but it is something that can really happen to you too one day or the other. You could grab those millions of dollars and other fabulous prizes through the sweepstakes from bit sponsors. It is why there is always a huge crowd flurrying in to get their entries done at the earliest possible for prominent sweepstakes all the while.

So what If I win a car, do I have to pay the Taxes? Taxes are to be paid all the while whenever you win a prize. There is no escaping from taxes. Exemption for the taxes are also there regarding which you will be informed while entering into the contract in the affidavit. Each and every terms and condition is stated clearly in the affidavit and you will have to decide on whether or not you would like to pay the taxes to claim the prize. It will be asked in the terms over there prior to awarding you the prize money. If you are not willing to pay the taxes to claim the prize, then you would not sign it and you are naturally disqualified for the award.

Other than the United States in other countries if I win a car, do I have to pay the Taxes? Most places it is yes. You got to pay and there is no exemption for that in Canada and Mexico too.

How about the European countries if I win a car, do I have to pay the Taxes? Some of the countries have peculiar regulations while some others emphasis on paying taxes as well. In certain parts of south Asian countries you might be exempted from such taxes.

Sweepstakes entries are to be filled in with great care while you send in your entries. If there is any error, you might be getting disqualified. If the sponsor cannot contact you with the information that you provide them then there is no good in emerging as a winner. You will not be notified and ultimately it is a loss to both the sponsor as well as yourself. Sponsors do this for advertisement and promotion of their brands and when nobody wins an awarded claim then it is waste of time for them as well.

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  1. If you live in the US you have to pay taxes on winnings

  2. steven bellone says:

    If I* win a car, do I have to pay taxes upon winning?

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