PCH $2,600,000.00 Lump-Sum Payment Plus $5,000 a Week for Life

PCH $2,600,000.00 Lump-Sum Payment Plus $5,000 a Week for Life. That’s $2.6 Million Upfront and $5000 a Week for the rest of your life. No purchase necessary. You don’t have to buy anything to be eligible for the drawing of Giveaway8800.

You could win $5000 a Week for Life

PCH $5000 a Week for Life

Have you ever wonder what life would be if suddenly you become richer? Imagine, waking up every morning of the year without worrying about your late credit card payments, or those stressful mortgage reimbursements, or how you’ll be able to pay that loan you’ve contracted to repair your old roof top? All of the sudden being able to live your whole life debts free is an amazing feeling.

ACT NOW to initiate with PCH Search and Win Search Engine for a chance to win with this new Publishers Clearing House 2017 Sweepstakes. PCH $2,600,000.00 Lump-Sum Payment Plus $5,000 a Week for Life. Publishers Clearing House have made so many people richer over the years with their fantastic sweepstakes. You know what the saying: you have to be in it to win it! So stay positive and keep playing. Be attentive to those Publishers Clearing House e-Mail Newsletters that all PCH Members receive from time to time in their inbox. These messages are opportunities to increase your chances at PCH Sweepstakes.

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$2.6 Million Plus $5000 a Week for Life

PCH $2,600,000.00 Plus $5,000.00 a Week for Life

Do you want a turn back time prize? Well, don’t miss it! Visit today pch.com and follow the on-screen instructions to enter or register as a member of a PCH Account. You know, PCH is looking for someone to take home the prize that pays out an incredible $2.6 Million upfront (that’s win-for-life payments for the past 10 years) plus $5000.00 a Week for Life! Want it to be you? Don’t miss That and enter today at pch.com sweepstakes entry. Good Luck! For more information about that $5000 a Week for Life visit: PCH $5,000 a Week for Life

4 Responses to “PCH $2,600,000.00 Lump-Sum Payment Plus $5,000 a Week for Life”

  1. Barbara Jean Giganti says:

    I would love to win something! I have played for 2 years and am a VIP and got nothing for my tokens either!!! Please have me win something!!! Today is my birthday, I am 68 year of age!!!! I do like playing-but this is getting ridiculous! xoxoxoxox Barb

  2. Shirley James says:

    I want to act right now that win 8800 worth 2,600,000.00 million, and the 5,000.00 a week for life, then the 3080, 8055, 8035 all for 1 million each, and not to forget the 3,000,000.00 million for home, & the 500,000.00 towards the home, also the 8035 worth 100,000.00, and the 8924 for 30,000.00 thousand, let have the 8186 worth Lincoln MKS, then the 8035 which represents so many numbers, & the 8035 which represents a lot’s of numbers, & the 8187 worth 15,000.00 thousand, also the 8802 or 8186 both for 50,000.00 each, and the 8184 for 25,000.00, and the 10025, 10010, 9214 all 3 worth 10,000.00 each, then the 10166 for 5,000.00, let have the 8188 worth 2,000.00, & the 9030 for 1,000.00, then the instant prizes giveaway, also the 6650 worth 100.00, then the 6900 worth 10,000,000.00 million. Amen.

  3. Fred Hosea Grant says:

    HooRay ! Oh Happy Day ! Thank You God Almighty!!! Thank You PCH.

  4. Kristi burkhalter says:

    I want to be a winner

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