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McDonald’s Monopoly is back! Mcdonalds Monopoly 2016 Canada – – “COAST TO COAST” 2015 MONOPOLY GAME AT McDONALD’S. to claim your prize. The Canadian Game is sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited. For our Canadian readers, McDonalds Indeed has just release the countdown of their version of McDonalds Monopoly Game Sweepstakes 2015. This year some lucky winners will get their hands on some Amazing Prizes. Among others fabulous travel prizes, an All-New 2015 Jeep Renegade Sport 4×2, a Polaris Snowmobiles, Family Fishing Equipment Packages or Gift Cards and Cash+ Prizes! More prizes are listed below! How to play? Again there will be rare game pieces for the 2016 Canadian Monopoly game! Rare Monopoly Mcdonalds 2016 – – To start playing McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2016, simply visit your local store and purchase a meal that gives away Game Stamps/Stickers. Once you have your meal, peel back the game stamps to reveal your prize. If you have received a property sticker, you’ll need to collect the rest of the properties to win a prize. These are called “Collect and Win” prizes. “A ‘“Collect and Win” Game Stamp’ is a Game Stamp which is part of a potential Winning Combination of Game Stamps in the Canadian Game. The combination of “Collect and Win” Game Stamps which must be collected in order to form a potential winning combination for a Prize (a ‘“Collect and Win” Prize’) in the Canadian Game is called a “Winning Combination”.” Game stamps are found on each Game Piece. Look for the “Code” which is a 12-digit unique alphanumeric code on Game Stamps. written on it, you may enter this online to see if you have won an Online Prize. Instant win prizes will be shown on your sticker, so you’ll know if you have instantly won a fabulous prize!

Play Canada Mcdonalds Monopoly 2015
McDonalds Monopoly 2015 Canada

Giveaway Prizes: (more details at

14,404,499* are Food Prizes available to be won

“Instant Win” Non-Food Prizes:

(5) Prizes of $5,000 each
Ten Dollar ($10) McDonald’s® Card.
Ten Dollar ($10) Walmart® Gift Card
Twenty Dollar ($20) Walmart® Gift Card.
Hasbro® MONOPOLY® Board Game.
Snapfish Photo Collage Mug.
Snapfish $15.99 Digital Code for a 20-Page Photo Book.
Snapfish 8”x11” Photo Calendar.
Snapfish 8”x8” Hard Cover Photo Book.
Fifty Dollar ($50) McDonald’s® Card.
Fifty Dollar ($50) Vanilla® Prepaid Card.
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 game for Xbox One™
One Hundred ($100) Dollars.
iON Air Pro® Lite Wi-Fi Camera.
Mongoose® Single-Speed BMX Bike.
Xbox One™ Console and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 game for Xbox One™.
Five Hundred Dollar ($500) Walmart® Gift Card.
Travel Nation Canada™ Three Thousand Dollar ($3,000) “Travel Voucher”
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000).

“Collect and Win” Prizes:

Collect Rideau Canal (#601) and Parliament Hill (#602) to potentially win a Prize of a One Hundred Dollar ($100) cheque.
Collect Lake Louise (#603), Mackenzie River (#604) and Lake Athabasca (#605) to potentially win a Prize of a Family Fishing Equipment Package. Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $3,583.
Collect Percé Rock (#606), Miles Canyon (#607) and Columbia Icefield (#608) to potentially win a Prize of an EA SPORTS™ Soccer Trip for two plus an Xbox One™ console and FIFA 16 game; Twelve (12*) Prizes available, ARV: $4,570***.
Collect Signal Hill (#609), Peggys Cove (#610) and Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#611) to potentially win a Prize of a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Walmart® Gift Card. One (1*) Prize available, ARV: $5,000.
Collect Confederation Bridge (#612), Baffin Island (#613) and Bay of Fundy (#614) to potentially win a Prize of a Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Vanilla® Prepaid Card. Four (4*) Prizes available, ARV: $5,000.
Collect Algonquin Provincial Park (#615), Wapusk National Park (#616), and Whistler (#617) to potentially win a Polaris® Snowmobile, a helmet (up to $150) and, where/if applicable, a pair of goggles (up to $90). Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV range: $8,799 – $14,499****.
Collect Robson Street (#618), Sainte-Catherine Street (#619) and Yonge Street (#620) to potentially win a Prize of an all-new 2015 Jeep® Renegade Sport 4×2 Vehicle**. Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $24,780**.
Collect Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#621) and Niagara Falls (#622) to potentially win a Prize of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000). Ten (10*) Prizes available, ARV: $10,000.
Collect Montréal Airport (#623), Toronto Airport (#624), Halifax Airport (#625) and Vancouver Airport (#626) to potentially win a Prize of a Travel Nation Canada “Great Canadian Adventure” Trip…

Five (5) Giveaway Prizes of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) each are available to be won in the Giveaway, one (1) per Region

McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces Canada:

Mcdonald’s Monopoly Halifax Airport –  #603 – #625

Mcdonalds Monopoly Canada 2015 Toronto Airport – Good Luck!

Canada Monopoly 2015: – to claim your prize

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  1. I have a winning ticket for $100. When I try to claim it, am told its error game over. So what, I’m not a winner? What kind of game is this? Something is not right here! What gives? Some big company suckering us in?

  2. I just got a winning stamp (z8xbm1w2rknn ) and when I entered it the message said it had already been claimed ????? I have the stamp in my possession

  3. If I win I would build the nice 3 bedroom home for myself and one for each of my sisters. Get my son’s on board and pay all my bills. After serving 27 years of my life in the military, I would finally take a real vacation of my choice. The rest God will decide how it goes!

  4. What’s the rare PCs in the baby blue family fishing package ? Thanks


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