Steps for paying taxes on prize wins

One may have confused about paying taxes on prize wins, but yes, it is true that you need to pay for your net income, whether it is from the prize. Winning a reward from a lottery, quiz show or some other event can be a withdrawing experience, but it is significant not to expend the full quantity of your prizes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes awards won just like any other basis of revenue. According to the IRS (, prize money earned must be stated in standard 1040 tax form as “other income.” The overall amount of tax you will have to reimburse on prize earnings is founded on your bordering central tax amount plus any appropriate state taxes. You can compute an approximation for paying taxes on prize wins from your tax return from last year.

You have win - You have to pay your taxes
Paying Taxes on Wins

Your adjusted gross income (AGI) registered on your 1040 tax form from last year should be noted down. This amount will be registered. If you need a precise computation of the tax owed based on your revenue from this year, you need to fill up a new 1040 form with your income evidence from this year to estimate your AGI for this year.

Browse on “Bank rate: 2013 tax bracket rates” site and inquire your bordering tax rate founded on your AGI. The minimal tax rate is the rate you recompense on the final dollar you make. For example, if you make $1, 00,000 a year as a single filer, your minimal tax rate is 25 percent because $1, 00,000 falls in the $89,351 to $186,350 recorded on the chart.

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Multiply the prize quantity by your minimal tax rate. This is the quantity of federal tax you will owe on the prize. If the prize is big, some of the prizes might be taxed at an increased rate. This applied to recurring payments on cash sweepstakes or other. For instance, if your earning is $50,000 a year and you are awarded a $50,000 prize, the prize money will be taxed at 25 percent till $89,351, but the remaining of the prize will lie in an increased mount of tax support, in this case at 28 percent.

Sum your state’s applicable taxes to the amount from considering the entire amount of taxes payable on the prize. State income tax rates differ. The department of income website for your state should list tax rate info. If the state tax rate is 10 percent, reproduce the money prize amount by 10 percent the result is to be added to the calculated minimal tax.

If someone has confusion about paying taxes on prize wins, he should consult with tax expertise who can suggest him properly for this issue.

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