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wofmillionairemaker.com – Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Cash Sweepstakes – Win a Million Dollar! Online Game Sweepstakes. Wheel of Fortune’s Biggest Cash Sweepstakes is Back! The Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker Amazing Sweepstakes is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc.  No Purchase Necessary. Total Rewards Resorts and Casinos and Wheel of Fortune want to make you a Millionaire with their Wheel of Fortune’s Millionaire Maker Sweepstakes! Just sit down and relax; now take a deep breath and imagine yourself becoming the next Wheeloffortune Millionaire. Take your time! How it feel? How it feel to suddenly be a wealthy person? Great! Indeed! No more financial worries. You can even quit your job and travel around the world all year long. You can finally get that dream life you’ve always dream. Everyone wants to be a winner.

Get your chance today and visit one of these sites: wofmillionairemaker.com – totalrewards.com/millionairemaker – wheeloffortune.com and follow the onscreen instructions to enter the Caesars Entertainment Operating Company promotion. No purchase Necessary. This promotion ends on April 20, 2014. EXPIRED –

wofmillionairemaker 2014

First, Entrants must watch the Show episodes telecast during the designated “Sweepstakes puzzle reveal weeks”. Note that you must be of legal age to gamble in a casino. To participate in Casino, entrants must first obtain a Wheel of Fortune Millionaire Maker game piece containing a Sweepstakes puzzle – Game Pieces. Once on the Website, entrants will be asked to watch a :15 second video and then fully complete and submit the “Free Game Piece” registration form. Also Entrants may obtain Game Pieces for a given day either in Casino or at the Website but not by both methods.


One (1) Grand Prize: One First Prize winner will be awarded one (1) million dollars ($1,000,000 U.S.)

wofmillionairemaker Entry: http://www.wofmillionairemaker.com/
wofmillionairemaker Rules: www.wofmillionairemaker.com/rules/

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    • arturo hidalgo
    • November 15, 2015

    Thank you for oppunity to parcitate.I serve world two and korea where I wondead,but I was proud served.but Iam glad,more than that you are GIVES back .for all the peploe this a bunch hurarys.

    • Jimmy Napier
    • May 12, 2015

    Yes did it. Done. I would love to win? ?.I am still hope waiting for you amen thanks

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